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Making a Mural

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Making a Mural : Willy Krannette : : 2008-05-22

I just stumbled upon your website whilst looking for images of Iraq war casualties. I am going to make up a mural with images of as many as possible in the background, with an overlay transposed of a sniggering Bush.

My view on all this crap is as follows. I respect any young person who enlists in an armed to service to defend his/her country. That is a defence force.

Unfortunately, nowadays young people enlist in an attack force to prosecute their President’s obscene foreign policy.

I find nearly all Americans are in total denial that they illegally attacked Iraq unprovoked and under false pretences. They seem aware that Bush lied about the WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions). They understand that when Nazis attack other countries it is a capital war crime, but can’t seem to understand that there is anything wrong with Americans doing the same thing. In the American view, anything Americans do must be OK, by definition because they are the good guys. Some acknowledge the invasion was illegal but say, we’re #1 and so we can do what we fucking well please.

Get them whilst they are young and keen and think it is all a cool video game. How sick are the bastards who run the military? Keep up your good work. I plan to visit the U.S on holidays shortly. I wonder if I am on their radar yet?

As of 2001-09-11 I gave up thought of ever visiting the USA again. I think the key to stopping the Iraq war is to push the Nuremberg notion of personal responsibility. It does not matter what you were ordered to do. You are personally responsible for your actions. Bush did not kill any Iraqis. He asked mindless sheep to do it for him and they complied in a show of mass cowardice. They must be held responsible as war criminals tried and hanged.

Even though countries are required by law to try war criminals on their soil, they never touch Americans because they are afraid of reprisals. However, if half a dozen countries simultaneously each tried and hanged a particularly egregious American war criminal, that might get America’s attention and make potential enlistees think twice.

Willy Krannette

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