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On Marrying a Serial Killer

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

On Marrying a Serial Killer : Ashley Bouren : : 2007-08-15

I can’t believe you put those pictures so people can see them you obviously care nothing about the war or our men and women that are over there I just so happened to be Married to a Marine that[sic Freudian slip] is in Iraq fighting so that we can be free you know what i think i think you need to take a visit to Iraq you have no respect for our soldiers or America what kind of sick person are you?

I care equally for your husband as for any other serial killer, including those who rape children, work for the Mafia or were soldiers for Hitler. I feel relief on hearing serial killers have been incarcerated, convicted or even killed. I am relieved to learn that their killing sprees are over. It is not quite true that I respect your husband equally to other serial killers. Since Mafia hit men rarely attack children and rarely torture their victims, I have even less respect for Marines like your husband.

You obviously don’t see your husband in the same way I do. Ask him how many people has killed, how many children he killed accidentially as collateral damage. Ask him what sorts of torture tactics he used. If he claims none, he surely can’t pretend he did not aid and abet such crimes. The USA spent $2 trillion on mayhem in Iraq. Perhaps he just peeled potatoes or tended wounds, but without him, the literal serial killers could not do their jobs. In the eyes of international law, he too is a war criminal. He is guilty of exactly the same crime used to convict and hang all the Nazis at Nuremberg, namely waging an aggressive war. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked the USA and neither presented any threat. The USA attacked them for the usual reason, to steal their natural resources.

I don’t know if you are lying or just naïve when you claim your husband is protecting your freedom by killing people in Iraq. Iraq did not attack the USA. The USA attacked Iraq. You know this because you saw it all live on opening night of the war, 2003-03-20, 15 years and 1 month ago, on CNN (Cable News Network). Surely you remember Shock & Awe, watching the bombing of the residential sections of Bagdhad. I remember it well, in the company of some Iraqi ex-patriates, screaming in terror, watching their former neighours blasted to rat shit.

Surely you are aware Bush lied about the WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions). And, you also knew perfectly well there were no WMDs from the getgo. How do I know you know? Because your husband is in the Marines. He is thus well aware the USA bombed Iraq daily in the years between the Gulf War and the Iraq war. They killed between 1 and 2 million Iraqis, destroyed its sewage plants, electric power generation plants, schools and hospitals. In all this time, Iraq managed to kill not a single American nor shoot down a single plane. If that were not sufficient provocation to use those alleged WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) s, I don’t know what is.

Your husband has had plenty of time to disengage from the military after learning the justification for the war was a giant lie. The real reason for the war is oil, same as most wars, stealing natural resources. Your husband is in effect a hired killer for Exxon and Halliburton, hardly a reason to feel proud of him. He is there because he likes killing people. Period. I am not telling you anything new. You know in your heart your husband likes killing people. That is why he joined the military, so he could do it and get away with it. On some level, you are a Karla Homolka, living out your own sadistic fantasies through him. But you are so deep in denial about your mutual perversion, that you make up this crap about defending freedom. He is denying freedom to the Iraqi people, not protecting American freedom. Killing someone is the ultimate denial of freedom. Installing a puppet government is a close second.

The universe often severely punishes people who have done what you have done. What did you do? You married a serial killer then egged him on to greater mayhem. You have done the same thing young Nazi wives did, knowingly marrying international war criminals. All those hanged at Nuremberg were hanged for the same crime your husband is brazenly and openly guilty of, namely waging aggressive war.

What is to became of you?

those pictures are of some of our soldiers that yes died doing what they love they died honorably they died doing something that mattered something brave

There is nothing honourable about killing, especially killing children. Further, the motives, sadism and greed, are hardly honourable. Your husband cannot claim he was defending his country. Iraq and Afghanistan did not attack the USA and have no means to do so.

and you what do you do?

I did not kill anyone. I did not impinge on anyone’s freedom. I spent years researching this war, reading books, interviewing participants and informing others. I try to educate people on how idiotic and painful war is. I do my best to stop your husband and his buddies from killing, maiming and torturing people, especially kids. I find your attitude astounding, that you feel no guilt at all about the incalculable suffering you and your husband have brought into the world. If it were me, suicide would be the only option to atone.

sit at a computer all day looking at those pictures thinking that you just might make someones day if they look at that. You are a person that needs some serious HELP!!!!!!

If I withdraw the pictures, that just encourages your husband and his ilk to keep on killing. By demanding I withdraw the photos, you are trying to cover up your husband’s serial killing habit. You don’t seem to have any compassion for his victims. You are like the see no evil monkey; if you can’t see the evil, you can pretend it isn’t there. Your husband is the one committing the crimes; I am just reporting them.

I post the pictures for four reasons:

  1. I have found a picture is worth more than a 1000 words, at least of my words. Most of the website feedback comments on the photos, not the text. Pro-war people rarely read books or newspapers. They are highly distrustful of any words written by a foreigner (I am a Canadian). I need to get to them visually.
  2. to shame and guilt trip you and your husband into stopping killing people who did nothing to you and who are incapable of harming the USA. As I said earlier, even when the USA killed 1 to 2, million of them, they could not even kill a single American in retaliation. What’s wrong about exposing a crime? Why are you so blind to the fact the crime is killing and torture? There is no crime in reporting it.

    Hawks often justify the war on the grounds the Iraqis are shooting back. The Iraqis have every moral right to use every conceivable means defend their country against an invader, especially a hugely rich and powerful one like America. From their point of view, you are illegal aliens. Hawks have such an inflated opinion of America, they seem to think others should hand over their country and all its resources without resistance, as if Americans were some sort of gods.

  3. Pro war folks are often motivated by racism or religious intolerance. They actually enjoy seeing non-white or non-Christian people suffering. So, wherever possible I also show the suffering of the Americans too, though such photos are much harder to come by, both because there are fewer American casualties and because Americans have a taboo about depicting wounded or dead American soldiers, presumably on the grounds it discourages recruits. Even though American soldiers have the most advanced and expensive weaponry and armour on the planet, war is hell for them too.
  4. Good people are pulled in many directions, dealing with global warming, stopping the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), protecting the environment etc. I want to fire up some emotional urgency into stopping the Iraq war.
I think you need to remove these pictures they should not be posted at all its very disrespectful to have pictures of our soldiers on their that were killed in combat I just wanted to say that and I’m sure your going to read this and laugh and go on your marry way looking at horrible pictures you have posted but what if that was someone in your family then would you post them Have SOME Respect please

Serial killers and international war criminals should be exposed, not respected, whether they are my relatives or not. I have no respect for serial killers, or people like you who aid and abet their crimes. Hiding pictures of their crimes won’t stop the killing.

Semper Fidelis (Always faithful)

That is the attitude of the Nazi wife my country right or wrong, my husband right or wrong. You promote unspeakable evil in the name of blind patiotism.

god bless and protect our soldiers

That is like saying God bless Jeffrey Dahmer and all his activities. Jesus does not condone killing. You are trying to wrap your husband in the blanket of respectability of those who sacrificed their lives in the defence of their country in WWII (World War II). Your husband is acting behaving like a Nazi, waging illegal aggressive war to plunder other countries, a completely different activity.

~ ashley bouren

Freedom! : Ashley Bouren : : 2007-08-16

OK so then what do you call 2001-09-11 HELLO THEY ATTACKED US!!!!!!!!!! perhaps you didn’t watch the news but thousands of men and women died in those two buildings. What kind of a person are you do have respect for anybody???

Huh? The people who piloted the planes into the World Trade center were allegedly from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. Not a single one was from Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with it. Even Bush admitted that:

We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th attacks.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),, 2003-09-17, audio.
Consider this exchange from the presidential debate in front of the whole country:
the enemy attacked us, Jim. [explaining why he invaded Iraq.]
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),
Jim, the president just said something extraordinarily revealing and, frankly, very important in this debate. In answer to your question about Iraq and sending people into Iraq, he just said the enemy attacked us. Saddam Hussein didn’t attack us; Osama bin Laden attacked us. Al Qaeda attacked us.
~ John Kerry (1943-12-11 age:74) in rebuttal
Of course, I know Osama bin Laden attacked us. I know that. I know that. [That the USA attacked Iraq first]
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),, 2004-09-30, admitting his dissembling that Iraq attacked the USA when Kerry challenged him in the first presidential debate.

As for the WMD lie, even the pro-war folk in the administration disavowed it:

The United States has no credible evidence that Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria early last year before the U.S.-led war that drove Saddam Hussein from power.
~ Condoleezza Rice (1954-11-14 age:63) National Security Adviser 2004-09-04.
He [Saddam Hussein] has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors.
~ General Colin Powell (1937-04-05 age:81) 2001-02-02
why would you post those pictures? that’s just not right and if you knew anything you would remove them.

You don’t appear to even know basics, such as the official justifications for the war. I don’t accept you as an authority. On the other hand, I do know quite a bit about the war and I decided the best course is to post the photos. I have explained my reasons at length earlier.

Do you have a brother or sister? what if the were killed in combat would you post pictures of them on the Internet?

I have a brother and three sisters. If one took up a life as a serial murderer, I would do a lot more than just post pictures of their victims to try to stop them. I can’t understand why you applaud your husband murdering and maiming children. Most people would be ashamed to be married to a Robert Picton.

Besides you don’t even live in the United States why do you care about the war? It has nothing to do with canada.

I care for the same reason I care when a thug mugs an old lady, or when a pervert rapes a child in Thailand. Crime is crime no matter where it occurs on the planet. Your country is a bully plundering natural resources from another. There is no possible way to consider the Iraq war a private internal American affair. It is analogous to Hitler’s invasion of Poland. I feel morally obligated to resist the American bully just as my father felt obligated to resist the German bully.


What nonsense! The only way Iraq impinges on your freedom is having to pay the $3 trillion tax bill for the war. You are meddling in their affairs, not the reverse. Are you wilfully ignorant enough to believe that, or it is just your way of denying your guilt for your sadistic fantasies? Does the thought of your husband decapitating an Iraqi child with a machine gun get you off?

you are a sick f$%#!!!! and you will be the one who goes to hell!!!!!!

I have never heard of a church or moral system that condones killing and condemns reporting it. Are you a Satanist? If there is a hell, your husband will go there, not only for killing but for the obscene tactics the US military uses in battle — dropping cluster bombs indiscriminately on civilians and using banned weapons like white phosphorus, land mines and napalm. The US military fight in a cowardly way hiding in armoured boxes far from the killing, slaughtering indiscriminately by remote control. They trade off phenomenal safety for themselves for killing more children than adults, a necessity consequence of blind killing in a country where most of the people are under 15.

Note how angry are with me merely for exposing your husband’s crimes. Imagine the intensity of my contempt for him for actually committing the crimes and the depth of my disgust toward you for your lame excuses for him.

I despair that someone such as you could even exist. How on earth could anyone be in favour of butchering innocent children? Yet, you are.

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