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I Love America

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

I Love America : Adrian Williams : : 2009-11-18

Hello, i just wanted to tell i that i have much admiration for individuals like yourself, who are not afraid to speak out. Alot of americans… let me rephrase that, almost all americans are mislead by propaganda thus including corporate media, public schools etc. As i do know your site is based on factual evidence, to the american public facts are about as real and believable as santa clause. For that reason its like talking to a wall. Do not get me wrong, i love my country and love my people, but its kind of like having a retarded little brother or sister. You will always love them and try and look out for them but in the end they understand only what they are taught why i bring this up? it has a point as for your replies to some of the people that have said my husband joined the army to help our freedom and save our country i agree with what they are saying. I have 3 friends that joined the army and their belief was that they were doing our country good and in their mind its true, despite the fact that we (U.S Government) are their for selfish reasons(World Domination) it is only fair that i stick behind my country for my family and friends. If i could change it i would but as a realist i understand that doin so would lead to nothing. The difference between myself and the other 99% of brainwashed citizens is that i know whats goin on. Thanks to the patriot act i can not do anything because anyone who speaks out can and most likely will be classified as a terrorist and i dont want that. So even with my knowledge i am going to leave it as knowledge and nothing more. I will support my country always.

It is only natural to unconditionally love your spouse, your family members and your country, no matter what they do. You support them. You guide them. But you don’t cover up their crimes. You don’t encourage their crimes. You don’t aid and abet their crimes. You don’t pretend to support the troops when the troops are committing war crimes. A Nazi-like cowardice is what motivates people to go along with the mob. You only lie to people you fear, not those you love.

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