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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Hay!!!! : William Gatton : : 2008-04-10

US military propaganda photo of US soldier giving candy (or is it cigarettes) to a spotlessly dressed child.
US military propaganda photo of US soldier giving candy (or is it cigarettes) to a spotlessly dressed child.
all i have to say to your fucked up views on this war are stupid incopent and ill informed you think that we rape and kill inisont people but we dont i dont know what iraq you are talking about but the one that i was deployed to there wasnt ne baby killing and there wasnt ne raping all we were doing was building schools and roads and helping them get things that the cuminity has never had like clean running water and power that last moor then 4 to 5 hrs at a time. i do respect you oppion but i ju st ask that you do not make you oppion based off of miss infromation and yes we did locate saddam but were we supposed to find hem and leave iraq to which ever dictator came out of the sand to take over that is stupid. and i would hope sombody of your e ducation would understand that and dont say that all military personal are blood thirsty war mongers because were not me and my fellow sirvice members would much rather never shoot our rifles in anger then take another mans life we reconise that he has familey that loves hem just as ours loves us and we only take a life in defence of ourselfs or our fellow comrads. i desided to emaill you about this because that it discusted me about the way you talk about me and my fello sirv ice members i dont mind that you think this war is bs alot of people agree with you i feall differntley about it but i also respect your fredom to say what you bleave all that i ask is that you dont slander our service men and woman with the fredom that so maney of us have and are willing to lay our lifes down to protect. thank you for you time to red my responce to your web site

sincerly lcpl gatton

Most first graders have a better command of English and spelling than you. You are apparently so badly retarded that you might even be excused as insane in the eyes of the law, i.e. you are unable to distinguish right from wrong. You are used to doing whatever other tell you to and they have lead you badly astray.

I will make this very simple. You and all you friends who did anything, even peeling potatoes in Iraq are guilty of a capital (i.e. death-penalty) war crime, namely aiding and abetting an aggressive war. Your country illegally attacked Iraq unprovoked and under false pretences to boot. America attacked Iraq. Iraq did not attack America. Your country did exactly the same thing wrong as Hitler did when he invaded Poland unprovoked. You helped in the illegal invasion and occupation. The punishment for what you did is hanging (though likely commuted to a life sentence). You volunteered to commit this crime. Even if you had been ordered to do it, you would still be guilty. Read up on the Nuremberg trials and how the lame I was just following orders excuses did not cut it. You probably think that is grossly unfair, but that is the law. Further, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Since you are not a big fish, the chances of you being prosecuted or convicted are low, but you are still equivalent to serial killer in the eyes of the law, and presumably also in the eyes of God, if you care. You are guilty of the exact same crime used at Nuremberg at the end of WWII (World War II) to hang all the Nazis. You are considered guilty of murder on the same grounds that the guy who drives a getaway car in a bank heist where a guard is killed is also considered guilty of murder.

I did not say that all soldiers in Iraq are rapists. I said recruits are motivated by dark desires to hurt people, killing, raping, maiming and torturing. Nothing else makes sense. Iraq is no threat to the USA so desire to protect the USA can’t be the motive. The pay is pathetic. The risks of brain injury, amputation etc. are hardly an appeal. Separation from loved ones is not an inducement. The climate is hellish. The people hate your guts. The only advantage of going to Iraq is you can rape, murder, maim, plunder, extort, bully and torture with impunity. You have the advanced weapons. The Iraqis have almost nothing to fight back. It is a sadist’s wet dream. You might be the rare exception. You may have ended up there out of stupidity, going simply because someone unscrupulous recruiter sweet-talked you into it.

As an admitted war criminal, you have a hell of a lot of nerve chewing me out. I’m no criminal. You belong on death row.

Iraqi killed by American sniper
Iraqi killed by American sniper

The typical ignorant American will look at the above image and say, It may be a gruesome picture, but it represents a Good Thing™. Some American sniper killed an Iraqi combatant in self-defence. Superior American technology allows snipers to pick their victims off from astounding distances. So it is rather silly to say a sniper kills in self-defence. The sniper is rarely in any danger himself. Further, when a mugger kills his victim, even if his victim resists with deadly force, it is not self-defence. The mugger is still guilty of murder. Because the USA invaded Iraq illegally, unprovoked in an aggressive war, the Iraqis have every legal and moral right to resist by any means possible, even including suicide bombing. The Americans have no legal or moral right to even be in Iraq, much less harm anyone there. The American soldiers and mercenaries are illegal aliens†.

Michael Siefert, Nazi war criminal sentenced to life at 82 years of age
Michael Siefert, Nazi war criminal sentenced to life at 82 years of age

Americans can easily understand why waging aggressive war is illegal when the Nazis did it, but they develop instant blindness and inability to comprehend when Americans do it. Americans suffer mightily from the delusion American shit does not stink, that somehow when Americans commit war crimes their deeds don’t count as capital crimes. Sometimes they admit what they are doing is illegal and immoral, but counter by saying, We can do what we fuck’in well please. We’re #1. We’re Americans. Hoooorahhh! Who’s gonna fuck’in stop us? A lot can happen in 70 years. There is no statute of limitations on war crimes. The USA is in midst of a financial collapse. It won’t be #1 even 30 years from now. There is no guarantee the USA will have the political stomach to, or the ability protect its Iraq war criminals for the rest of their lives. Americans don’t even look after their injured vets as it is. The exorbitant cost of the Iraq war is one of the main causes of America’s financial decline. The American people are going to want to punish some scapegoats. You war criminals will suit the bill perfectly.

My late uncle Tom Miller was a mucky muck in Customs and Immigration. He told me a story about an American woman who was creating a disturbance coming into Canada. He went down to see what all the fuss was about. The woman was insisting on going through the line for Canadian citizens rather than the line for foreigners. She insisted, I ain’t no damn foreigner!

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