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Fuck You

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Fuck You : anonymous : : 2007-01-14

Why do you hate Military, does hate the game not the player mean anything to you prick.


  1. You mindlessly do what you are told, like Nazis. Nuremberg settled that just following orders won’t excuse you. You are personally responsible for your crimes.
  2. You attacked two nations who had not attacked the USA.
  3. You tortured people including kids.
  4. You used banned weapons to make death as hideously painful as possible including land mines, napalm, white phosphorus and cluster bombs.
  5. You flagrantly violated the Geneva conventions, e.g. killing primarily civilians and children.
  6. You try to pretend the sick perverted deeds you commit today are just as honourable as the sacrifices of those in WWII (World War II) who defended their country.
  7. You are a bunch of sadists. That is the main motive for your mayhem. Of all possible ways of earning a living, you chose serial murder and maiming. You are no different from a Ted Bundy or a Jeff Dahmer. You just got paid to indulge your perversion.

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