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Your Arguments Are Flawed

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

All Your Arguments Are Flawed : Mike Dan : : 2009-11-22

All your arguments are flawed, you attempt to state reasons for your opinions and arguments, but your reasoning is clearly flawed, at least in almost every statement or opinion I read on your site.

There tens of thousands of assertions on my website. If you read the books or followed the links you would find back up for them. Apparently you did not do that. If you don’t specify which assertions you read and disagree with and present your counter arguments or counter evidence, you can’t very well persuade me or anyone else of anything.

Your sociological agenda is also readily discernable. your false proclamations, like the statement that most soldiers are average or lower in intelligence are also lies. I was in the US Army and my IQ (Intelligence Quotient) was measured by a psychologist at between 125 and 130, and i was not even an officer, although I was certainly intelligent enough to be trained as one.

I don’t believe you because you write like a ten year old. Your spelling is atrocious. You have no understanding of the rules of punctuation and capitilisation. Read some of the other emails in the feedback section from soldiers. The emails are clearly from mentally challenged people, far worse off than yourself. Perhaps you had high intelligence earlier and lost it through some trauma. Why were you wasting your talents? Because you are a sadist. Other jobs don’t give you outlet for your cruelty.

A nineteen year old soldier knows all about all the things you claim, such as intenational military treaties, nurnberg war crimes proclamations and capitalist corruption of the US Government’s Commander in Chief. “They know perfectly well they are hired killers, Pinkertons, working indirectly for big oil and the defence industry. They are motivated primarily by their enjoyment of bullying and killing. These soldiers are hired serial killers similar to Mafia hit men, but willing to kill for pittance because they enjoy slaughter so much.”

If I read you literally, you agree with me on this, which contradicts your opening salvo.

Is this is why they are coming home with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and why they keep turning themseleves and each other in after they get away with some type of questionable acts of war?. Because they like it so much and feel so justified? Probably they suffer from having men like you as the leaders of their Army and state.

The fantasy of killing and raping lures men to enlist. When they discover how sick and pointless it all is, then they end up with PTSD. You probably read in the news lately how the army kept psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan (the Fort Hood shooter) on, despite many warning signs, simply because they were so short of mental health workers to deal with all the soldiers returning from tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. PTSD can be looked on as a sign or returning sanity — conscience reasserting itself.

You are a sodomite and a mentally corrupt excuse for a man. In short, you are full of lies and hate, like the protagonist of the song The Real Me.

Not only is that an ad hominem, it is an idiotic argument. What possible relevance has the not-very-active sex life of an old man in Canada to whether it is ok for you to kill kids in Afghanistan or Iraq? You are the one cheering on or perhaps even indulging in child murder and rape. You are the hateful sicko, not me. I merely want you to stop this madness. I am not even trying to kill you or even you or your murdering buddies.

That my chastisement stung so much is a good sign. You may be returning to the human race. You can feel some guilt again. A true psychopath would be completely impervious to my arguments and would not even bother to write.

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