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Have You Ever Married a Soldier?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Have You Ever Married a Soldier? : Butterfly Roper : : 2011-04-28

Have you ever been married a Military person??? No, you haven’t. So you need to keep your mouth shut and stop speaking about what you do not know.

Since I am gay male, the law would not permit it even if my hormones tricked me into it. That is like saying I have no right to tell people to avoid marrying paedophiles or serial killers unless I can speak from first hand experience. The key fact you are denying is that your husband has committed a capital (i.e. hanging) war crime, namely aiding and abetting an aggressive (first strike war). To learn about the international law regarding such war crimes, read the works of Benjamin C. Ferencz, who prosecuted the Nazis at Nuremberg. You have married a serial killer but are in deep denial about it. If you husband had not committed the most serious possible crime, you would have a point. But he did. It is not as though he were a soldier in WWII (World War II) legitimately defending the USA.

I am proud of my husband. So is our 5 year child.

You think Nazi wives and children were not even more proud than you? Do you think women who marry serial killers on death row don’t feel just as passionately as you? That feeling does not exonerate your husband of committing a capital crime. Mothers love their axe-murdering sons too.

And guess what? She’s in Kindergarten, with a 2nd grade reading level. She has friends all over the world. Got to learn how to swim in an ocean. She knows that people come and go for whatever reason.

I have yet to met an army brat who did not resent being yanked away from her friends time after time. Granted some do appreciate the opportunity to see the world. Your husband abandoned your daughter and risked getting killed which would permanently abandon her. Why? Because he is a sicko who likes killing people so much he is willing to go to the other side of the globe to hunt peasants who are no threat to the USA. You may say your husband is different because he did not serve in Afghanistan or Iraq or he did not leave his family, but he did sign a contract agreeing to do so at the drop of a hat. He has wrongful intent.

(kids don’t always move because of the Military, there are a billion reasons why), but that she can still continue a life long friendship… I am doing that with a few of my friends. We have moved for different reasons, but still the best of friends. Some do come home disfigured, but that is life…

It is not life. Car accidents are life. Cancer is life. Those disfigurements are complete unnnecessary and preventable. The people your husband is killing are not a threat to the USA, unless you think sitting on oil and not handing it over cheaply was a threat.

That is why most of them commit suicide because they don’t think they will accepted back home because of people like you.

That shunning is a tap on the wrist compared with the hangings handed out to Nazis for the exact same crime. Your husband is lucky he not yet been hanged or confined to life in prison. The USA currently protects American war criminals from prosecution even though that violates their treaty obligations and forces other countries to violate theirs. There is no guarantee he will get off Scott free indefinitely.

If my husband came home and not all in tact, I will STILL LOVE HIM!. I will take care of him and not even think twice. And guess what, with out people doing the job like my husband and a lot of my friends husbands, even our grand-parents, you wouldn’t be able to speak your thoughts about anything. So the next time you decried to open your mouth about them, think twice… why am I able to learn? why am I able to speak what I think and not get punished oh yeah, its because of these people that I am belittling”

Of course, you will, just as Nazi wives did. Love is blind. But it does not change the fact you are an idiot for getting involved with a sexy serial killer. You will live to regret it. You might ask yourself why you knowingly picked a serial killer for a husband. It suggests you might be a sicko yourself who gets off vicariously on his violence, perhaps you are masochistic and his power and danger excites you; just like the women who marry serial killers on death row. You are under the delusion your husband is protecting the USA from attack. Ask you husband if he thinks even one of the people he is fighting could mount an attack on the USA. With a monthly income of $5US a month how the hell could the even get to the USA? You know that protecting freedom stuff is bullshit, but you repeat it to cover for your criminal husband.

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