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A Few DU Rounds

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Now now, no need to get grumpy : Robert Bordley : : 2007-05-27

If killing kids is not worth getting grumpy over, I don’t know what is. Perhaps if they were your kids, you might be rise from your happy reverie.


Your mom must have handled WAY too many DU (Depleted Uranium) rounds before you were born. Get some help for those issues rather than just spouting hate. So you weren’t well liked in the past and people took your lunch money, OK I get it, get over it and you inferiority complex and do something constructive. By the way you have some nice places up there and Gordon Lightfoot rocks!

Depleted uranium was not used in warfare when I was gestating, so you literally cannot be correct. You want me to avert my eyes, like some modern day Nazi, to the hate crimes of America against the children of Iraq and Afghanistan? What sort of weirdo are you, more concerned about the hurt feelings of soldiers and their enablers children American burn to death, torture, rape or tear to pieces with cluster bombs. Why is it important that you silence my opposition to the carnage? You get off on that suffering continuing? right? You are one sick puppy!

Take care amigo,

Buck, in California (it’s like one of your provinces)

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