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Come And Get Me

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Come And Get Me : Clinton Hussey : : 2001-09-13

Clinton is a personal friend of mine I know through VPCUS (Vancouver Personal Computer User Society), Vancouver PC (Personal Computer) Users’ Society.

Terrorism came into homes of everyone in North America yesterday. The thing that hurt me the most is the thought of the thousands of children that have only one parent or no parents today. This is truly a depraved act. Some group of pinheads whose personal lives are so useless that they see their selfish pursuit to attain grace in the eyes of God can only be achieved by killing thousands of heathens. If there is life after death, these assassins know the truth because they are now burning eternally in a fiery damnation of their own design.

What was this senseless act designed to do? Was it to gather attention to the futility of some group of people, if so, who are they? Was it to strike fear into the hearts of infidels? Sorry I’m not afraid, I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m hurt and I pity the fools if they thought to fill my heart with fear. I think terrorism appeals to the feeble minded, to the mentally and morally challenged, to a bunch of a-holes that think they have insignificant genitalia and figure they have to show the world that they have cohones. You know the truth, terrorism is uncreative, a senseless effort, not part of the new reality, more of the same old thing we have had for thousands of years — fear based dominance. The time for peace, compassion, cooperation and love is coming. I know it because yesterday was clearly the darkest hour before the dawn.

I have a message for these faceless cowards:

My name is Clinton Hussey. I live at 3555 West 21 Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada come and get me because I’m dangerous to your misguided cause. I refuse to be terrorized. I can tell you this event has tempered my commitment to peace and illumination. It has not put me in a state of fear, instead, I am stronger today. So look out because I am more committed than ever to what I believe is the truth — we are all children of God, we can all live together in peace, that there is a greater destiny for humanity and it has nothing to do with senseless acts of violence. Beware of me because I will live everyday of my life from this point on with a much stronger commitment to peace, rationality, reason and compassion, this has not made me more afraid, it has extinguished my fear. I know you for what you are, I pity you, you are weak and your act of cowardice has me stronger. In future, please do everyone a favour and go blow up yourself instead of innocents.

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