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Careful Killers

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Careful Killers : Malone : : 2016-10-12

I read your article Don’t Marry a Soldier and I would like to kindly disagree and I will tell you why, I am a female in the military I have yet to see anyone kill someone not shooting at us.

You are in remarkable denial. Neither Afghanistan nor Iraq attacked the USA. Your country invaded them with a first strike. Anyone who participates in such a war, in any way, is guilty of a capital war crime. They have every right to shoot at you. You are illegally in their country. You have no right to shoot at them any more than you have a right to shoot at the police when you are in Mexico illegally.

We aren’t trained to kill with no thought about what we are doing. And we also don’t do what we do for fun or for a check. I know first hand that there are many laws and regulations within the military itself that people do not see that prevent hate crimes, rape, sexual assault, and so on. I have yet to meet anyone who joined for any of the reasons you listed.

Out of the thousands of people I have met and worked with in the military the reasons they joined were to gain discipline, family traditions of service to the US, better support for their families.

There are hundreds of thousands of occupations. For some reason, you chose the one where you get to kill kids without legal consequences. Forgive me, if I presume you are a psychopath. You know perfectly well your murders did absolutely nothing to defend your country. So why else would you do it? Your offered excuses are just rationalisation. Sane people do not murder out of family tradition or to provide for their families. Imagine a murderer on trial using your justifications as his defence!

Also they don’t move you around without notice and you are in one place for a reasonable amount of time, most duty stations are 3 year minimums unless they are overseas then they are 1 year minimums. Deployment are done without moving your family and most of the time no one is harmed on either side rather than helped, as well is there is a minimum 6 month cushion between deployment most deployments unless voluntary are between 3-5 years apart. I’m sorry if you or someone you know experienced the things you mentioned in your article but they were wronged and I am truly sorry for that but very few people in the military express any of these things you discussed in your article and it gives off a bad culture about military members especially the 98% of us who express none of these points in your article so once again I am sorry if any of these things were experienced personally or by a close friend or family member but please do not stereotype all military members under this category.

On the opening day of the Iraq war, CNN (Cable News Network) broadcast live the bombing of the residential districts of Baghdad. I was in the company of Iraqi expats at a TV station who expected the USA to come to their rescue to unseat Saddam. Instead they were killing innocent people they knew personally in their old neighbourhoods. Dropping bombs is indiscriminate killing. They were screaming and crying at the betrayal.

Have you not seen the photos of Fallujah? The USA turned the entire city to rubble. When you do that, you necessarily kill mostly children, because those residential buildings are mostly filled with people under 15.

Have you not see the photos of the results of the USA using banned weapons on children such as white phosphorus and cluster bombs. You enlisted to be part this, even if you did not get a chance to do it personally. You you are even more guilty that the women who joined the Nazi army. Even Hitler refrained from chemical weapons.

Surely you are aware your country routinely tortured POWs/detainees. Again, you enlisted to be part this, even if you did not get a chance to do it personally.

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