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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Your Business : anonymous : : 2007-05-15

I am over a year late in responding. I misfiled your email and just discovered it when I switched to a new email program. Sorry about that.

Please explain to me how you feel that it is your business about the war in Iraq, but it is not your business when the Iraqi people kill thousands of their own??

Criminals often tell me to mind my own business. I see no reason to give them free reign just because they are American.

Should we (including Canadiens) sit back and watch people be murdered??

Americans have the money, the planes and the advanced weapons. They do by far the lion’s share of the slaughter. Check out the Lancet article about who is killling whom and in what numbers. It is the only peer reviewed body counts of the war. The articles are not longer available on Lancet, but you can read a summary. Read the paper.

Did you not see the utter levelling of Fallujah? The Americans sealed the city and razed it, killing nearly everyone, including the kids trapped inside. I completely agree, it is our duty as Canadians to convince our American allies to stop behaving like Nazis.

The reason Iraqis are killing fellow Iraqis is that:

Killing even more Iraqis won’t do anything to prevent killing. Stopping the invasion will. Again, it is our duty as Canadians to convince our British and American allies to call off the attacks and working to set Iraqi against Iraqi.

You say you wouldn’t sit there and watch a predator rape a child… that is exactly what you are doing when you say we (US) are in the wrong!!

The Americans are far from a UN-peace keeping force. They are an illegal invader out to plunder Iraq’s natural resources.

It is your right to protest… but make sure you have all the facts, but from the looks of your website you lack a lot more than facts! What a disgrace!!!

It is a peculiar delusion that torture, rape, napalm, white phosphorus, depleted uranium etc. are tools for saving lives. Americans routinely torture all POWs (Prisoner Of Wars). Racism is part of the motivation for their ill treatment of Iraqis (or sand niggers as the soldiers call them). It is utterly naïve to imagine US soldiers are in Iraq to help stop Iraqis from slitting each other’s throats. Have you heard the term divide and conquer? It was the philosophy of Bush 41 and Bush 43 to make it easier to invade Iraq. Americans deliberately fomented violence and civil war between Shiite and Sunnis to reduce American casualties.

The disgrace is yours. You tried to sell me a lame preposterous theory to disguise you true motive for supporting the Iraqi war. What it is, I don’t know, but I know it is filthy, or you would have been honest about it.

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