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Your Remarks on Our Military

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

What About bin Laden? : Dolmarz : : 2008-05-10

i see i got list of picture that you said for a start the Aerican are the one who lead attack afghanistan and iraq i do understood should not attack but remember lin laden did killed all in the past he attack to affica where building and american twc 2 time and spain terrorist atack to train killed people and braitain bus and train too that terroist people come from afghanistan or iraq ?

bin Laden was originally recruited by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to give the Russians a rough time in Afghanistan. Nobody has presented any evidence that bin Laden had anything to do with 2001-09-11. You are taking it on faith from George W. Bush, a man never once known to tell the truth. There is plenty of evidence Bush’s version of 2001-09-11 can’t possibly be true. For example, his story of the tower collapse violates Newton’s law of gravity.

d = ½gt² (where g = 32.2 ft/sec² or 9.8 metres/s²)

The towers fell faster than Newton’s law predicts. They had to have been pushed. They could not possibly have collapsed from gravity alone as Bush claims.

Even if you believe Bush that bin Laden pulled this off without inside help, bin Laden is a Saudi citizen. He is a fanatical Muslim. He hated the secular Iraqi Saddam Hussein. It makes absolutely so sense to punish the people of Iraq and Afghanistan for bin Laden’s alleged crimes. They have nothing to do with each other. Even Bush admitted that.

We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th attacks.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),, 2003-09-17, audio.
who the start attack

Nearly everyone saw the Shock & Awe bombing of the residential sections of Baghdad live on CNN (Cable News Network). America attacked Iraq unprovoked. Even the pretences for the attack proved to be lies.

its who start first lin laden that cause mess up all world that is why american solider came and looking for lin laden and that on news lin laden threat to american on news and show american news on tv that afghanistan or i dont know which one people lauged and dance dance

America is highly unpopular. It consumes the lion’s share of the world’s resources with only 1/20 of the population. It is a bully and a pig. Of course people will cheer when the USA gets a black eye. However, that is not justification for genocide. 2001-09-11 was a pinprick compared with what the USA has done to the rest of the world.

that lin laden attack twc laugh and dance how they dare do think its funny its not funny also we dont want war or attack afghanistan but brush should not send people to attack but i can see too many that amercian and any solider try stop them and help them for safe keep away from bad terrorist attack i notice alot of iraq person wear bomb cover thier clothes to bomb and hurt to iraq people and children attack them i believe that iraq terrorist start it american try help and stop them from bomb and hurt people did you notice car bomb attack and i saw children got hurt its american did that not true i believe that iraq terroist attack start it i can see american solider didnt touch they just watch them be sure safe i believe that bad terroist try make american solider look bad make iraq believe and blame also american people are angry at brush yes they told him please send american solider go home that where who start one of lin laden did first i want to all world peace no more war also iraq who wear use bomb should stop no more kill that eough cuz they dont understand suppose stop no more use bomb or gun also i saw little kids use gun why kids use that gun??

If a country 12 times your size invaded your country, would you not use every means at your disposal to oust the invaders, even to the point of arming your children and sacrificing your own life? These are signs of their desperation and bravery. Americans are so paternalistic. They imagine they know better than others what is best for them. It completely justified to use any means imaginable to oust such a giant bully of an invader. America’s invasion of Iraqi is just as illegal as Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

not suppose that thier parents taught them learn how used gun that wrong that is why american or another solider want to help them understand not use that gun or kill iraq to iraq people eachother danger not safe for children thank for share with me i ask you please respect dont attack blame amercain bad name about american or another country too i am not looking for fight with you no i want to understand myself how i feel thank you for everything ok pls dont email me back thanks peace

Your argument seems to be that these Iraqis are dirty fighting and therefore they should all be exterminated, including the children. The Americans are an overwhelming adversary and are fighting dirty to a much higher degree. There is nothing unfair to Americans about suicide bombs. That is unfair only to Iraqis. The Iraqis have the moral right to use any imaginable means to oust the Americans because the Americans illegally invaded their country. If someone invaded the USA, would you feel constrained to fight by Queensbury rules?

The invasion and occupation of Iraq is illegal.
~ Kofi Annan (1938-04-08 age:80)Secretary General and Boutros Boutros-Ghali (1922-11-14 2016-02-16 age:93) former Secretary General of the U.N.
I think in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing.
~ Richard Perle (1941-09-16 age:76), 2003-11-20, Pentagon hawk, cat-stroking, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, James Bond villain pasty lookalike, admitting the Iraq war is illegal.

I’m sorry. I can’t grasp much of what you are trying to say. Your poor spelling, lack of punctuation and broken English are just too difficult to understand.

Afterthought : Dolmarz : : 2008-05-10

hi one more i forgot tell you i heard iraq sweetie little girl always talk to american solider like say hello they know american not hurt them they are friendly to iraq children one day same little girl walk to american solider then he notice little girl face look funny and quite didnt smile he puzzle and saw her clothes heavy that little girl walk act funny then american solider stop her and hold he told iraq little girl dont move please someone help her remove and saw her wear big bomb box in her hold around her chest they are so shock why her iarq parent put her bomb box on her chest her own daugther shame her parents that american solider save little girl alive by death thank god little girl is safe and alive she is happy take her away from her parents cuz her parents dont care let her daugther bomb to american solider how dare her parent put thier daughter ?

Very simple. The Americans have killed about 2 million Iraqis, mostly children. The Iraqis desperately want revenge for that. They want to stop the Americans from killing more kids. Better than one child die in a suicide bomb than that soldier go free and kill another ten kids. This is a measure of their fury and desperation, not of their callous disregard for life. It is also a measure of the American brutality and complete disregard for non-combatants. The Americans are behaving worse than Nazis. The Nazis did not routinely torture everyone they detained, including children. The Nazis did not use banned weapons. The Nazis did not totally ignore the Geneva Conventions. Americans are! The American way of killing butchers primarily civilians, mostly children. To reduce their own causualties, the Americans fight from a great distance. They never see whom they are killing, neither do they care. They just lob high-tech explosives into Iraqi homes killing entire families, which in Iraq consist mostly of children.

did you see iraq people wear bomb box around on their clothes why?

Why is killing by suicide bomb any more objectionable than killing by white phosphorus, cluster bomb, land mine, or napalm? If anything, suicide bombing shows much greater sincerity of purpose. American soldiers kill for sport. They have no investment.

that is ok let them kill that wrong that how terroist make bomb box force iraq human wear on then bomb american solider dont want to see that they want stop them use and help them safe we all can see on news we want iraq safe and live that we dont want someone put box bomb on thier human to bomb and kill person that wrong we want all children safe from bad terroist what they doing never stop why keep going ? dont blame american solider do anything if terromist shoot to american solider they will shoot them back if who iraq people wont shoot american solider then solider wont shoot american not looking for war just help but terroist start shoot i pray for them all peace no more kill eachother i dont like it make me sad that s all i want to you understand that s all have a nice day its broke my heart cuz i love all children very much i am a deaf mother that really hurt my heart to hearing that eough

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