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I’m 15

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Is there anything you know of that I could do to help : Haley B. : : 2009-05-23

I’m 15 and I admit I haven’t been paying much attention to… any of it, really. I mean the whole hate bush war bad yay obama!!!!!! sure, but actually taking an interest and knowing what the hell is going on? no. Too depressing. Too horrible. And you know what? I was so totally right. I didn’t want to stumble onto that website. I didn’t want to know. I still don’t want to know. because now i’m going to remember and I’m going to tell everyone I know and I’m going to keep looking at those pictures and I’m going to keep thinking about them and seeing their faces and one of them used to be a man in a leather jacket and bluejeans sitting in his car and he just — isn’t — anymore. They used to be people. They used to be people and we did this to them for oil.

Do you know- — Is there anything you know of that I could do to help… make it better, somehow?

Bush invaded Iraq 15 years and 1 month ago. You would have been only 8 years old. I guess your first job it is catch up on the events that lead to the war in the first place. It was so thoroughly dishonest that no wonder nothing good has come of it. The people who benefit from the war, most notably Cheney, have promoted a number of lies that have sunk into the American consciousness. They include:

You are 1 in 6 billion people on the planet. So your share in only 1/6 billionth of the entire job, not that difficult really. Inform yourself and start bringing the subject up casually with friends. Try not to be shrill or a fanatic. Don’t be angry for people. If you are too emotional, your friends will unconsciously feel you are handling the problem for them. I discovered the effectiveness of presenting the facts then not reacting emotionally to them myself when I was lecturing years ago on gay lib. I let my audience do the fuming at the injustice. Get the basic facts out there into your world. There in nobody better positioned than you to approach your friends. When people counter you, back off and go study to marshall some more evidence. Don’t attempt to browbeat them to your point of view. That will just anchor them in their current beliefs. These are your friends, not the people killing kids. Don’t misdirect your fury.

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