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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-05-04

As someone who has deployed to Afghanistan, I laugh at these types of pussies. War is war. Get the fuck over it. It happens and always will. I'm damn proud of the job I did overseas and support it until the end. How about you go the families of the fallen and spew your bullshit to their face? How about you find one of us who lost a friend overseas and say it then? You won’t and if you did, you'd cower down and run when they got in your face. You're a fucking hippy and a useless member of society. While you enjoy your freedom to talk like the small headed dick-wad that you are, remember those who die giving you the right. You're a disgrace to humanity. How dare you accuse those who do something your vagina was too loose to do yourself of being criminals. Fucking cheesedick.

You would make more sense if we were talking about WWII (World War II) when the USA was attacked by Germany and Japan. On 9-11, the USA was attacked, Bush told us, by the son of this father’s business partner, Osama bin Laden, a Saudi. Neither Afghanistan nor Iraq had anything to do with it.

Iraq was Innocent

As we now know, Iraq had no tie to Osama, no rôle in 2001-09-11, no nuclear program, no weapons of mass destruction, no plans to attack us. Its people did not threaten us and did not want war with us.
~ Pat Buchanan (1938-11-02 age:79) 2004-02-11

The USA demanded Afghanistan capture bin Laden and hand him over. The US refused to negotiate an extradition treaty. They refused to have a hearing on why they thought bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. This is not legal grounds for invasion. You aided and abetted an aggressive (first strike) war. You committed a capital international war crime, though you are unlikely to be prosecuted because:

But that does not change the fact you committed a capital crime. Morally you are in the same boat as Jeffrey Dahmer. You killed innocent people who did nothing to harm the USA and further who had no means to. Even when the USA pounded them for over a decade, they did not kill even one US civilian, just the people killing them. In other words, you are a piece of shit and a murderer who deserves to die. So why did you do it? To get your jollies? For the money?

But why? Maybe because the Taliban harbored those who mean harm to us. Maybe because they shoot at us and run like the little cowards they are. They use IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) to attack those who are even there on agribusiness deployments, mind you that those soldiers only are there to help the locals grow things other than poppy. As long as they shoot at us, they need to be eliminated. When you get shot at, you do what you have to do to survive and keep those around alive. You have no fucking idea what’s going on over there’ You've never been there. You have no right to speak out about it?

They did not do anything to you until you attacked them. They have every right to use whatever means imaginable to repel your invasion. If you will recall, bin Laden was not in Afghanistan after all. He was in Pakistan. Mexico harbours drug dealers. That does not give us the right to invade. By your reasoning, the USA also harboured bin Laden. He was in their territory for years and they could not find him. There is no reason to believe the Taliban could have arrested him, even if they wanted to. What a feeble excuse to hunt children! You sick fuck!

Hunting Men

There is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.
~ Ernest Hemingway (1899-07-21 1961-07-02 age:61)

You killed (or helped kill) innocent people in revenge for 9-11 who did not even know 9-11 happened, much less had anything to do with it. Further, the people of Afghanistan you killed had absolutely nothing to do with their leaders’s decision to insist the USA follow standard extradition protocol. In any case, the invasion was illegal and you have committed a capital crime. May you swing!

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-05-11

What are your views on religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism?

I don’t see how this follows, but OK.

The Buddhists I like. They are the very opposite of fundamentalists. Even the Buddha himself said Don’t believe something just because I said it. Test it out for yourself. Take what you find to be true and throw the rest away.

Hinduism covers a huge range. The ones I like are tolerant and tend to see religion as metaphor. Their myths are more mythic than other religions which I think helps discourage fundamentalism.

I am not particularly fond of the Sikhs. They tend to be violently homophobic. They are even worse than Christians.

Christians are the one who have threatened to kill me thousands of times, I like them least.

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-05-13

Ignore my basic question. Have some fking respect for the people who defend the liberties you enjoy at this moment. If you insist on bashing the men and women who served our nation I will end you, in the most literal sense.

What nonsense! The people of Afghanistan, even during a decade of an illegal occupation, never once attacked America. They just attacked war criminals like you who were illegally invading them. They were no threat to the USA. They had no means to attack. They were fighting you with kitchen-made IEDs for chrissake. They had no planes, tanks, missiles, ships… Even the handful of attacks on American and British soil were against the military and by American and British citizens furious at their countries’ two illegal wars, not attacks by Afghanistan.

Nothing you did made anyone any safer. Don’t bullshit me. Further, control freaks like you who have destroyed liberties with the Patriot Act, massive spying on civilians, locking people up without trials… You did not kill Afghans to protect anyone. You did because you get sadistic pleasure hurting and killing others. Uncle Sam gave you an irresistible man-hunting safari offer, all expenses paid and legal protection from prosecution for murder, rape and child abuse. It was a pervert’s dream.

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-05-17

What are your views on Sgt Alex Blackman or Lee Rigby?

Blackman claimed he shot his victim thinking he was already dead. This was a foolish defence. Americans are far more horrified about ill treatment of corpses than they are of the living.

Had the murder of Lee Rigby occurred in Afghanistan, there would be no fuss over it. It would have been just another casualty of the war. The reason it shocked is it occurred in Britain where the grisly murder blurred the legal distinction between killing in war and murder in peace. Rigby signed up to murder people, so I see nothing cosmically unjust in his murder. It is part of the game. Think of WWII, when a Brit murdered a German in Berlin. Nobody thought it was any different from a normal war murder. I think we should be consistent in our law, even when it is our own ox being gored.

If anything terrible happens to anyone who served in Afghanistan or Iraq, I celebrate. All war criminals deserve unpleasant consequences. All those who served, in any capacity, committed a capital war crime, namely aiding and abetting an aggressive (first strike) war. Even if the odds of being prosecuted are low and even if you and the majority of Americans disagree with the international law that your country signed on to, that is the law and I hold you to it.

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-05-20

Okay than Roedy, you seem bitter but what are your views on syria?

Wouldn’t you feel creeped out of some serial child killer started chatting you up?

Intervening in a civil war is problematic. If you start bombing, you will just kill people on both sides. Further, intervention is illegal. The goal should be to assassinate or arrest and execute Assad. His soldiers are just as blind killers as American soldiers. They don’t think about what they are doing. There is no particular need to kill them all.

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-05-21

you are such a retard. You have got no clue what these people do at all. I don’t care how smart you think you are, how you speak and act. And how dare you criticise the people that are willing to lay down their lives for the good and well being of others. It doesn’t matter the cultural context, I mean they didn’t mean to kill people or bust up a country, they wanted to make sure that their country was safe and tried to stabilise the other country too. Who cares if we are from opposite sides of the world. We need to understand each other better and you thinking that it was illegal is completely false.

Soldiers who go to war are not like murderers, they are not just killing for no reason, they have given up everything to fight for their country, murderers just live their lives normally after they kill someone, while soldiers may never see their family and friends again. Murderers kill for no reason, while war veterans are honourable and incredibly brave. Show some respect.

We don’t go and rape and murder anyone. we go over their and give them basic necessities like medicine, schools, running water, clean water, sewage, infrastructure that people like you take for granted. I over their twice and both times I left a positive impact by helping a village get a future. he saw the aftermath of what the taliban do to their own people they are the ones who rape and murder people. How about you live under Taliban law for a year then come and tell us how terrible American soldiers are you sick freak.

That is such BS. What you are claiming is the USA bombed two countries to the stone age, killing people of all ages, then tortured them. Why? so the hated ragheads would let Americans build them some schools and hospitals. That is certifiably insane thinking. You Americans spent over a trillion dollars on each of those wars and those countries are still worse off than any other countries on earth. You spent a relative pittance on schools, a minute fraction what you did blowing kids to bits. Neither Afghanistan nor Iraq attacked the USA nor had the means to. Defense is a preposterous excuse for butchering. If you want to claim you are fighting for your country, then you are fighting in the same sense Germans fought for their country in WWII. You are fighting for control of oil, hardly a moral excuse for torture and child murder. According to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), America is the stingiest country on earth when it comes to foreign aid. And you try to sell the crap that they will spend trillions to help hated ragheads. Don’t be ridiculous. War is always fought for self-interest.

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-06-04

You make false claims all the time. Were is your proof:

The main problem is I wrote the essays you are commenting on over a decade ago. When I first wrote them, there were links in pretty well every sentence to the source for my assertions. We live in an Orwellian world. Nearly all the newspaper articles I linked to have been withdrawn. I had to gradually remove the links. I suggest you read some of the books. They are still available. The material I most miss is the records of Judge Hellerstein subpoenaing Bush’s Iraqi kiddie rape porn. See what you can still find by William Ramsey Clark ex-Attorney General. He was pretty outspoken about US war atrocities. Another way to find out is to ask Iraqi ex-pats what happened between the Gulf War and the Iraq war. You will learn the bombing never stopped. You can fairly easily find people who survived it.

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-06-09

Why do you hate Assad so much, even though the rebels massacre Shias and Christians?

Assad is a sadist. He enjoys killing so much he does not even care if he kills just as many of his own people in the process. He breaks the taboo against chemical weapons which even Hitler honoured. You seem to think that if other people are unspeakably evil, that give you licence to be so too. That is moral bankruptcy.

Imagine some serial killer started writing you compulsively defending child rape and murder as a patriotic duty or claiming he was doing the kids a favour because he bought them tee shirts afterwards. You might humour him, but you would wish he would go away. You would feel dirty just to communicate with such a degenerate sicko.

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-06-17

Okay I am interesting on your thoughts of Margaret Hassan and the recent events in Iraq?

For such an evil bastard, I commend you on your curiosity and wide reading. Margaret Hassan was an Irish aid worker who married an Iraqi and was murdered in Iraq, by parties unknown, presumably Iraqi in 2004. Imagine in WWII that a Nazi civilian had gone to occupied France, not to murder people, but to work in a hospital. The French might murder her, simply because she was a Nazi and part of the occupying force. I think that is how the Iraqis would see Irish people coming into their country uninvited, even if they had good motives. Further, a woman going into a war zone is taking her life into her hands, from horny bored soldiers on either side. She probably had the best of intentions, but was naïve about the extreme danger of her mission. She would have been killed not for who she was, but just because she was a citizen of an illegally invading country.

If you have any doubt the reason for the Iraq war was to control sources of oil, consider that Obama declared the war over on the very day he auctioned off Iraq’s oil resources to European and American oil companies and further, Obama reopened the war when forces hostile to the USA took over an oil field.

Cheesedick : Liam Hurst : : 2014-06-23

Do you think this guy is evil? Why do you generalise all soldiers?

soldier click to watch

There are three kinds of soldiers:

  1. War criminals. This includes Nazis and American soldiers since WWII. They aid and abet aggressive (first strike) wars, which is a capital (hanging) offence. As you are well aware, I detest these sick, sadistic perverts. They pretend they are serving/protecting their country, but they are just getting their rocks off killing, raping and torturing men, women and children. They are adrenalin junkies.

    Military Adrenalin

    After living on the edge, the adrenalin, some people in the military get addicted. Anything else seem boring. They have to have the excitement.
    ~ Timothy McVeigh (1968-04-23 2001-06-11 age:33) approximate words from the Rachel Maddow documentary.
  2. People defending their country. This would include Iraqi and Afghan soldiers, or American, British and Canadian soldiers in WWII. If someone attacks you, you don’t have much choice but to defend yourself by all means possible. Defending your country is a dirty job, but you pretty well have to do it. However, I don’t approve when warriors use tactics designed purely for malice aimed at civilians, that do not help the war effort, e.g. the firebombing of Dresden or the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
  3. Peacekeeping. This is thankless work, but actually saves lives. For example, for years Canadian soldiers kept the Greek and Turkish Cypriots from killing each other. Romeo D’Allaire and his men vainly tried to stop the Rwanda massacre. This is a most honorable profession.

As for your video, what if some Germans opposed to Hitler in WWII had murdered a random Nazi soldier. Would you think that was wicked? I would say not. The soldier was a war criminal, guilty of a capital crime, namely aiding and abetting an aggressive war. The very fact the Woolwich soldier wore a British uniform is sufficient to be 100% certain of his guilt. Britain is behaving in Iraq and Afghanistan exactly as Germany did in WWII. All British soldiers have thus forfeited their moral right to live. I think they are fair game no matter where they are stationed, just as all Nazis were fair game, no matter where they were. So my position is even more extreme than the Sikh in the video.

My position is very simple. If people commit capital crimes, they deserve to die. I rejoice when somebody axes a serial killer, even if that serial killer pretends he commited his murders on my behalf. I did not ask him to kill anyone. None of his mayhem benefits me in the least. It does the very opposite. It encourages random revenge. As much as I despise serial killers, I am not about to go hunting them myself. Instead, I am trying to talk them out of their chosen occupation.

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