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Contraception Questions

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Contraception Questions : Susan Wells Vaughn : : 2012-01-28

Your essay on abortion is probably the best thing I’ve ever read on it. It reflects a lot of feelings I’ve been trying to express to others (it get it from both sides — rather heated radicals) and gives me more info to support what I’m feeling.

It just seems crazy killing someone in vigilante action just because a stranger chose a different point to presume life begins. It seems to me people’s choices are so arbitrary and defended with such dogmatic fervor. It seems to me life is something that gradually comes into being, just as the child gradually takes recognisable shape — but even that is just another arbitrary position. People are just so nuts about this, there is no way we are going to resolve the issue. We have to make abortion obsolete.

I still have a few questions.

What would be the perfect birth control?

Part of the problem is those who oppose abortion also usually oppose birth control. The Catholic church has some really odd positions — preferring death of the mother via HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) to birth control. The more perfect birth control is the more they will oppose it. They simply want more church members. I don’t think that can be helped. But at least fewer people will resort to murder to stop someone using birth control than there are willing to resort to force and murder to stop abortion. On theological grounds, birth control should work before the egg is fertilised. It probably should do something to stop the release of eggs.

It needs to be fail safe. This means you get an implant of some sort, perhaps that you can turn on an off at the doctor’s office with a computer, without having to remove the implant.

I don’t have to worry about that anymore, but I was very sensitive to the chemicals in the available birth control pills during the last decades. Though I am not at all opposed to a kind of morning-after pill, I have read it is pretty toxic too — as are most medications (petrochemically based) on the market.

Don’t you think someone could make a non-toxic one?

What may be needed is some sort of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) check. Then they concoct a formulation of just the right type for you. It might be designed to absolutely minimally disturb your hormone balance and still be effective.

The other question is: Do doctors still make women wait until they’re about 12 weeks before they will perform an abortion? To me this just increase the guilt — increases the risks and increased the likelihood that it is murder, if it is indeed murder to abort a fetus.

That does seem odd. Keep in mind the high number of fetuses that spontaneously abort in the early weeks. Perhaps they are just hoping it will abort naturally. You would have to ask a doctor why they do that.

I used to hear about pennyroyal — is there something you know of that is a safe way for a woman to simply induce her own miscarriage, or perhaps with a healthcare provider present, at a very early stage? — after all, isn’t that what menstruation is?

All the folk remedies were essentially poisons. The idea was to take a poison powerful enough to kill the fetus but not so powerful as to kill the mother. Morning after pills make it hard for the egg to implant. This is inherently a much less toxic process. However, the pope still considers that murder. I find this idea insane. If single egg cell should be treated as if it legally were a complete adult, then surely any other cell, e.g. a blood cell, a sperm cell, a brain cell… deserves this same royal treatment. That is no more absurd. Now with cloning a possibility, every cell is just as much potentially a human being as an egg cell.

Thanks for writing this. I’ll be glad to proofread if you like (not that my email couldn’t use some proofreading also).

If you see any errors, please pass them on. If I mentioned anything important is this email I did not in the essay, you might mention that too.

Your article is so good I’d like to pass it on. I am often asked/expected to take sides and I just can’t. But I certainly agree that if one claims to be pro-life — they should be pro-life, not just pro-fetus.

I tease that to the Republican, the right to life ends at birth.

This issue came up because I just wrote a petition on our state Representative’s callous/stupid remarks. It’s linked below.

susan wells vaughan
north carolina

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