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How Is It we Can Make the Wind Blow?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

How Is It we Can Make the Wind Blow?

Bridget : : 1999-09-29

I came into your site…and without looking, I can’t tell you why. What I can tell you is that if you are the person that wrote the concepts here about God, life, death and the universe that I feel compelled to respond.

I had considered doing so from near the beginning of the read, but when I got to the bottom and it said I was visitor 666 at the site, I knew I had to.

There is much I would like to discuss with you……like why is it ok to talk to God/Jesus, the spirit, but Christians consider spiritualists not Christians?

How is it that we can make the wind blow?

Where is the link between biblical history and documented history? Did God start over some where?

Don’t Buddhists believe that a man ascends? That being a man is the last form of reincarnation?

I guess I left here once, but I don’t recall it. They say that sometimes, if it is too much to handle, you won’t.

There are so many things to discuss with a person that thinks like you do…you are the first that I have come across that truly can not see God with out proof.

BTW, I am female and I am responding to your mind.

When you get a chance,



My complaint is with people who speculate then pompously claim their speculation is divine revelation. The universe is obviously highly mysterious, much more mysterious and awe-inspiring than any Christian with his head stuck up a musty old Bible could possibly comprehend. My complaint with the Christians is not that they assert there is a God, but that they assert he is such a buffoon. The Bible makes god out to be petty and foolish, like some peevish, senile grandfather.

I ask everyone to go out and experience the universe as directly as possible. Learn about the cosmos in which we live. It is far more miraculous place than anything you will ever read in a sacred text. Don’t be afraid of science. The scientists will show you many amazing things about our universe. They will open your mind to its wonder. You don’t have to make up beautiful comfortable lies the way the Christians do. The universe is astounding and fiercely beautiful all by itself.

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