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Who Wrote the Bible?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Who Wrote the Bible?

sole sole : : 2002-08-10

Well as you know that I am querying about the article on who wrote the bible. You said that God would of done a much better job if he did write it. But then the bible was translated into English, therefore the translator mighten of translated it in exact detail so basically God could of wrote it.


We have many translations of the Bible into English now besides the King James that most of us are familiar with. Modern scholars have compared various ancient texts and argued and finally come up with what they consider the most accurate translations. They say pretty much the same as the King James version that we are all familiar with. Genesis and the story of Noah are in there with the same details. The main difference is some of the anti-homosexual references were not there in the original.

So it looks like the scientific inaccuracies have been in there from day one.

Even the most ardent Christians don’t claim God wrote the Bible, in the sense he engraved it on some tablets. They claim merely he inspired a large number of different, largely anonymous, men to transcribe his thoughts. They also claim, without offering any evidence, this process was absolutely perfect. They claim the Bible is the literal word of God.

Presumably, God thoroughly knew what he was doing when he created the universe. Why then is the Bible’s account of its construction so full of error? Did God forget how he did it? Did he lie? I suspect the Bible is what ancient peoples imagined the word of God to be. They may well have heard voices dictating some wonderful-sounding stuff, but I still see zero evidence that God had anything to do with it. If it was of divine origin, the very least you could expect of the Bible is accuracy.

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