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Combatting Kristianity

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Combatting Kristianity : Mitchell : : 2008-04-17

I just had to write and tell you that I recently discovered yours or in part your website and I love it! especially the essay on Combatting Kristianity.

I write everything on the website, except for the feedback. I’m a compulsive essayist and explainer, with a phenomemal DSK typing speed, so people often assume there must be a team behind the website preparing that torrent of material.

I wish more people were as enlightened about religion as yourself. I too, truly believe that Kristianity and the other fanatically religious people in this world will be the end of it if they have their way. Although I do not agree with homosexuality, but I do believe in freedom of choice and if these hatemongers have their way no one on this earth is acceptable in god’s eyes except them. can anyone say Nazi. My mother is in fact one of these Kristians, who with only love in her heart, tells me that because I don’t go to church and follow the path she does, that god won’t love me or I need god in my life and a list of other things for the purpose of scaring me to the church. she has no clue and probably never will get the fact that she is pushing me away from having any kind of relationship with her. I wish I could give her the website and open her eyes, but we all know how that would go… Anyway, Great job and Thank you!


There are over 60,000 religions, each one nuttier than the next. Yet every last one of them has (or had) its adherents who were 100% certain their religion was 100% true and all the others were crap. True believers will happily assert this while knowing nothing at all about any other religions. These claims are obviously irrational. People who make such absurd claims are also suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense and understanding.
~ Martin Luther (1483-11-10 1546-02-18 age:62)

Many believers have even tried to convince me this irrationality is a virtue and that their ability to believe the preposterous was actually an esoteric understanding granted them by special dispensation from god, (which incidentally made them infinitely superior to me). People don’t choose their religion using anything remotely resembling reason. Therefore, it is unlikely they will give it up via rational argument, though it has happened.

Paul Kruger was President of South Africa. He was an inerrantist. He believed every single word of the bible was literally true, including that the earth was flat. On a ship voyage, he had a talk with the navigator. The navigator explained that navigation is impossible if you assume the earth is flat. It only works if you presume it is round. Kruger then took his bible and tossed it overboard. He said If it is wrong on that, it is probably wrong on everything else too.

Children learn a fear both of god and of harmless garter snakes, the same way, by instintually aping their mothers who learned the fear in turn from their mothers. Adults are just as reluctant to give up their fear of god as their fear of snakes. It is extremely painful to confront any childhood phobia. It has nothing to with reason and everything to do with primal terror.

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