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You Are Satan’s Lover

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

You are Satan’s Lover

nosniltom : sidney33@getgoin.netm : 2003-09-09

I can partially agree with you on the fact the Bible is constructed of man and therefore has errs. In fact today’s translations are an embarrassment and some are probably the false teachers we are to be aware of.

But if you Mr. Roedy are capable of such blasphemy, why do you sit on the fence. Why won’t you just come right out and say you believe there is not there was not and never will be a God and or Jesus.

You confuse swallowing your description of God as a petty and cruel tyrant with dismissing entirely the notion of god. In different essays I talk about the , if he does exist what is he really like? and why your fundamentalist Christian notion of god is patently and utterly out to lunch, wrong, stupid, cruel and silly. The teachings of Jesus, i.e. non-judgement, looking after the poor, avoiding hypocrisy I think are great. I just wish fundamentalists Christians such as yourself would read them. Your type more than any other could benefit. You really want to understand the thoughts of God, get your nose out of Leviticus and study quantum mechanics. Whoever designed the universe was one very subtle dude. When you study quantum mechanics, it becomes obvious the god who created that is not the clown of Leviticus.

I’ll tell you why. Because deep inside your mind you are hoping that God will somehow forgive and find pity on you because you truly believe you have been misguided by a Bible that is a work of man who is incapable of putting HIS wisdom to paper. God is not stupid Mr. Roedy.

To pretend that God wrote the Bible is to insult God. God would have done an infinitely better job. I have explained in great detail what a bungled mess of silliness the Bible is. Nobody who actually read it could mistake it for the work of God. You believe it is because you mother told you that and you have never dared read it in toto to see if she was right.

Otherwise Mr. Roedy, you would not use a fake name and you would advertise yourself as an atheist. But you don’t have the cohones to do that so you hide the fact that the FEAR of GOD does cause FEAR in you.

I don’t use a fake name. See my contact page. If you don’t believe me, send a small cheque made out to Roedy Green. My credit union will happily cash it.

As to the illiteracy of your mind and incapability’s in understanding Greek and Hebrew language, I would be glad to go down the entire list you have made and show you where you have let your stupidity override your faith, which apparently is minuscule and blinded. You see, if you had faith you would purpose yourself to find the truth, instead of making a fool of your already foolish self.

Just one example, your Genesis 47:29 Joseph ordered to feel-up his father. Read the scripture you Viper, it is a very CLEAR and sad account of Israel pleading with Joseph to "put his hand UNDER his thigh and carry him out of Egypt to a place of honor to be buried. He didn’t ask him to put his hand between his legs as your wicked mind would want him to have done.

Ray Blessin wrote the Bible study guide and I added to it. He wrote that particular entry. It is a joke. You can click and read the original. Nobody who cares should be fooled. You have nerve to say I have a wicked mind when your ilk interpret even more innocent language that we may know them to condemn Lot’s neighbours of rape.

To you and all of Satan’s lovers, I won’t even quote a scripture, for you have already judged yourselves by blaspheming the Holy Spirit, thus there is no need to even pray for ye, except that ye are not allowed to cause an innocent Gentile to roll into your ball of excrement you call wisdom. Oh and by the way, as I leave your site, I am shaking that excrement from my hard drive, never to return.

All you have to back your claims is one badly-written book that has been shown time and time again to be in error. You claim it gives you the right to tell others how to run their lives. You have not a shred of evidence to back your extravagant claims. It just wishful thinking on your part that God will punish those who dismiss the Bible as a forgery. This is not to say one should behave counter to the Bible’s teachings. It just says primitive men wrote it; putting words in God’s mouth. He gave you a brain. Use it. We can do better now.

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