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You will Roast In Hell

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

You Will Roast in Hell

Brett Hannah : unknown : 2002-08-19

Well, after reading many of your posted emails and your responses, I will not waste my time trying to convince you of anything, especially using logic. I will just flatly tell you what you already know in your cosmic consciousness so that my own conscience will be clear as you suffer an eternity in hell. You know that there is a God and that you will answer to Him.

No, I don’t know that. That seems to be a quite open question. See my essay where I debate that. What I am certain of is that your Christian depiction of God is flat out wrong. It does not jibe with scientific facts. It conflicts with all the other religions. It appeals primarily to vindictive people like you who get great pleasure contemplating the thought of people who disagree with you being tortured by your so-called merciful god.

How do I know you know? Because He made every one of us, including you and me, with that knowledge built right into our cosmic consciousness. Only a fool would deny this most basic of truths. You, Roedy Green, are a fool.

You are rebelling against God because you want to be god yourself.

You are the arrogant one, claiming to know the mind of God. All you have is a book admittedly written by men. You have zero evidence that God had anything whatsoever to do with its composition. Yet you treat it as if it were absolutely certain it were the creator’s instruction manual and demand everyone else treat it that way just on your say so.

You want to make the rules and be in control. That comes natural to all of us because we are born into this life as enemies of God because of Adam’s sin. God desires us to be reconciled to Himself — to become friends instead of enemies. But, He will not force your submission and obedience. If you have an insatiable desire to burn in hell for eternity, He will grant your desire. Only your foolish pride stands between you and an eternity in the presence of God.

What you are saying only makes sense if this stuff was pounded into you as an infant when you were too young to resist. To anyone else it sounds like insane raving.

Now, you wouldn’t/couldn’t know from your cosmic consciousness how to become friends with God, so I’ll tell you, even though you’ve heard it from many others and possibly have even read it yourself from God’s own Word. Jesus Christ, God’s own Son, paid the price for your sin and rebellion, a price you could never pay because you have nothing to offer a holy, sinless God. If you accept that sacrifice and turn away from your rebellion, you will be friends with God and live with Him for eternity. If you refuse that sacrifice, you will end up in hell for eternity, which is where you’re already going. Regardless of your choice, you will live forever. There, now I can wash my hands of your condemnation.

If God is just, he will judge my actions, not whether I believed a book that flew in the face of common sense and contradicted itself more often than a politician. Does God want me to be stupid? To ignore the plain facts under my nose? Surely not.

By their fruits shall ye know them. Why would I want to become like you? Why would I want to become even more rigid, hateful and judgemental than I am already?

Don’t you think it’s pretty cool that I can tell you what you already know? It’s almost like reading your mind! Pretty cosmic, huh? Perhaps there is something to this cosmic consciousness of yours… we are all one in the sense that God gave every one of us the same knowledge of His eternal power and His divine nature, so that we are all without excuse, including you, Roedy Green. You have no excuse and you know it! Perhaps you can already feel the flames of hell in your cosmic consciousness!

You missed the point of the very best part of the Bible, the Sermon on the Mount.

You Will Roast in Hell, Redux : Brett Hannah : unknown : 2002-08-20

Just to be perfectly clear, it is not my desire that you roast in hell. That is obviously your desire.

From the salacious glee with which you contemplate my future below, I believe you are not being totally truthful. Clearly I don’t want to roast in hell, who would? It is just that I don’t believe your idle threats, or the idle threats of people belonging to competing religions. I work to live an ethical life not because I fear punishment, but because I believe that is the best way to make things work out well for everyone. I am not about to pretend to believe arrent nonsense out some remote possibility of punishment. That would be both dishonourable and foolish. What you are doing is Holy Blackmail to get people to join your particular sect.

You may deny that you know God exists, but we all know better. You’re living a lie. Everyone knows that God exists because He put that knowledge into us so that we have no excuse.

That is rather presumptuous of you. How can you read my mind? I know no such thing. I see the various gods various peoples have worshiped in all seriousness from Zeus, to Wotan, to Allah, to Baal to Yahweh and they all look equally ridiculous to me. That is not quite true, Allah looks considerably less ridiculous than the rest, perhaps because he was discovered most recently. It seems to me most likely then, that men make gods, not the reverse.

I know that your conscience is burning inside you because of your rebellion. You don’t want to admit that God exists because that admission will demand changes in your life which you don’t have the guts to face. You’re a fool and a coward.

You keep confusing God with the Christian description of God. I reject the Christian description of God as preposterous. I am agnostic on whether there is a god.

I must also say that, unlike other Christians who have written to you, I do not respect your point of view or your opinions. They are foolishness. I will not refer to you as my friend, even in a colloquial way, as others have because you are my enemy. Every enemy of God is an enemy of mine. I will not tell you that "Jesus loves you just the way you are…" because that is a lie. God’s wrath is being stored up against you because you refuse to repent. God hates you the way you are now. God showed His love for you once and for all time, by Jesus’ sacrifice. And, if you reject that sacrifice, you will forever remain an enemy of God, "roasting in hell. It’s sad how Christians today want to tell everyone the good news", but they refuse to tell people the bad news. The bad news is we are all enemies of God and on our way to hell unless we repent and accept the sacrifice of Jesus. Once you know the bad news, the good news has much more meaning! If you refuse to acknowledge the bad news, you will never acknowledge the good news.

Here’s the interesting thing, Roedy… one day you will agree with me! One day you will bow at Jesus’ feet along with the rest of the world. You can bow before Him now and receive eternal life, or you can bow before Him later and receive eternal damnation. Either way, you’ll be bowing with me. See you there!

Eternal life is the last thing I want. You want it so badly you are willing to believe fairy stories to delude yourself you will get it. Your problem is you were brainwashed as a child. It destroyed your ability to reason. You refuse to even look at evidence, much less consider it. Like some mechanical parrot, you spout the rote phrases you were taught at your mother’s knee.

For example, how on earth does sacrificing an animal or human help anyone, ever? The whole notion of sacrifice is primitive and absurd. Yet you take it as a given that somehow Jesus’s torment was necessary for your very survival. That is an utterly sick notion.

Perhaps a belief in sacrifice is behind the Christian dogged persecution of others. They vaguely imagine that sacrificing others’ happiness will help them feel better, as if there were only a certain amount of happiness in the world and the only way to get it is to take it from others.

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