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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.


Bill Hamilton : : 2000-08-18

If he walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then he is a duck… Except that this is something like first-order logic and ignores the influence of time and, hence, culture. A given act in 30 CE would have had a certain significance and have an entirely different significance now. You know this! :o)

Quite right. It is odd that Christians freak out over behaviour in Jesus’s time raised no eyebrows.

A friend of mine, a Baptist minister by trade, told me years ago that most church goers never progress in their understanding beyond what they were told in Sunday school. They await enlightenment. He also confided to me that he has unfulfilled homosexual wishes. (He has a wife and three kids; I’m glad he feels he can trust me.) The Bible’s stories are in the realm of mythos, not logos, meant to awaken us to the truths in any time. People at the time of Jesus may have understood that better. Like my friend, if Jesus was gay then perhaps that makes him an even more sympathetic character.

This makes sense. Before I came out, I was radidly anti gay. I used to have fantasies of murdering gays. I figured gays were so wicked because they were making no attempt to control the urges I was fighting so valiantly.

I was sorry to read of your poor health. I won’t pray for you, just hold you in my thoughts.

My health has improved drastically. I’ll have to root out the references to my former moribund state.

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