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Question Everything

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Question Everything

Donald Amyx : : 2000-05-12

A person should question everything in life. Whether it be religion, politics, or __________ (you fill in the blank). In my journey I have questioned and will continue to question my perspectives. I claim the right to think for myself and to change my mind as I grow. And over the years, I have changed my mind several times and have eaten crow just as often. Therefore, I must, by my right to think for myself, question human intelligence. For by human intelligence, survival is shown as a constant struggle. It teaches that the weak of this life must become the means by which the strong of this life survive. The strong must take from the weak. For life on earth demonstrates survival of the fittest, [Darwin and the evolutionists never used the phrase survival of the fittest. They talk of differential reproductive success — some individuals have slightly better reproductive success — more offspring living to reproduce. 18th century industrialists deliberately misinterpreted Darwin to morally justify exploiting their workers and destroying the environment with dark Satanic mills.] strongest or most intelligent. Due to this, human intelligence dictates these laws:

These are the basic laws of human intelligence. Look around and see what these laws have brought us to.

The entire world believes in human intelligence which as stated above says: "For life on earth demonstrates survival of the fittest, strongest or most intelligent." Look around. See how all of mankind is filled with hopelessness. Due to human intelligence, man cannot love, for the laws above do not allow love. For the laws plainly teach that one must kill to ensure survival. History plainly shows that men will kill over a piece of dirt, a shiny stone, or even skin color. And man will do this all in the name of intelligence, advancement of their agendas, supremacy of their race, or in the name of some religion or God. Having written all this, it is apparent that by adhering to the laws of human intelligence, man is incapable of doing the following three things:

  1. Love unconditionally
  2. Love with a sacrificial love seeking nothing in return
  3. Love with an enduring love.

For this love cannot be tolerated by the laws of human intelligence. It goes against the grain of everything the mind has been taught by the world it sees. It goes against the very laws of human intelligence… only the strong shall survive! Human intelligence never taught me about this kind of love, no one came to me and said that to love and care for others should be my number one priority. All school ever taught me was how stupid I was. All government ever taught me was, I Pledge allegiance… and that we must guard against the rest of the world, even if that means destroying the entire planet. For our way of life is the only way of life. All religion ever taught me was that I am a sinful creature deserving the fires of hell. Or separate yourself from the world and meditate on the true meaning of existence, until you reach true enlightenment and are purged of evil. Or keep coming back until you get it right. All hard work ever taught me is that I am only worth the value placed on me by someone else and when I am no longer of profit to them, then I am no longer of value. All that the self-help gurus ever taught me is that for only $19.95 they can teach me how to free my mind… if I will only follow their simple guidelines to self-realization and self-actualization. All television ever taught me was that all the problems of the world can be solved in 30 to 60 minutes. That mankind is getting more sinister and stupid. And that for only pennies, with easy installment plans, I can medicate, exercise, drink, cook, home improve, drive, _______________(you fill in the blank), all my troubles away. All that this world has ever taught me is that I can never be satisfied, that I am always in need of something, which will only satisfy me until the next big something comes along to replace it.

All I have learned from human intelligence is that I am not intelligent and that I will never reach the point where I am intelligent. For all I am, according to human intelligence, is a very smart animal. An animal driven by emotions, which are triggered by the chemicals flowing through my body, which only cloud my reason and cause paranoia in me. Paranoia, which tells me that I must do whatever I have to ensure that I survive that I continue! For the id (the serpent in me) and the ego (the man in me) and the superego (the god in me) demand it! Very impressive and powerful is this trinity in me. And very powerful are the laws of the human intellect. For I too, want to live, I to want to continue, but not at this cost. The price is too high. I am not willing to sacrifice my most precious gift, ME, on the altar of human intelligence.

So, against the laws of human intelligence, I have decided to follow the law of love, which I learned from the teachings of Jesus and not from human intelligence. For human intelligence wars against his teachings, which are: Love God with all your heart, all your soul and all your being. Love yourself by taking a break. Love your parents and learn from them. Love life so much that you allow others to live also, that you do not seek to set yourself above them as if you were greater than they were. Love one person in your life and don’t go running around looking for another to love. Love those around you and don’t take their belongings, don’t attach greater value to possessions over the value of others. Love those around you enough not to insult their intelligence by lying to them. Love what you possess and don’t let what other’s possess make your love grow cold toward your own blessings.

Love the earth and do not seek to rape and destroy the world in which you live. Love everyone regardless of who they are. Love can solve the world’s problems. Love is beyond the law of human intelligence. Finally, Love and by Love stand for what is right in Love even if you must die for Love’s sake. For in life there is a time, a season for all things, but for Love the time is now. Love is always in season. Love is an easy word to say, but it is hard to willing, knowingly, sacrifice self on the altar of love. It is a bitter cup to drink from, a hard cup. For the laws of human intelligence screams, "Survival, I must survive at the cost of all others. I must continue. Love is for pansies" How are we to override this basic instinct? Are we to do it by the laws of human intelligence? No! For that law is the law of death. It is the law of kill, or be killed.

In it there is no room for the kind of love taught by Jesus. For he came not to establish himself. He did not come to the rich and the mighty. He did not come to the religious and pious. He came to the weak and the suffering. He came to the sick and the helpless. He came to the lowly and lost. He came to the ones trodden under foot and considered the dredges of society. He came to the ones who needed him to show them the way to love, by becoming an example to them, even to death. He came for me and I am glad he did. The love that Jesus gives; the love that he teaches about; the love that surpasses all knowing; also gives the greatest peace ever known. My prayer daily to God is that all people everywhere would come to know this love, come to walk in this love, and learn to practice it. The entire world would benefit from this love. For this love transcends the laws of human intelligence and is of the Spirit. Rightly so then did Jesus say, A person must be born again of the Spirit. Only through the Spirit can one defeat the laws of human intelligence and live by the law of love. For by the Spirit comes the love that is above all love. Of which I have now written and of which those who read this may already know, or may be searching for.

[The irony is modern day Christians mostly use their Bibles to hit others over the head. The Bible states that you should love unconditionally but gives precious few hints on how to do it. Buddha was more practical; he laid out the steps that would lead you to become more unconditionally loving.

The world will know those who are born of this love because they love the world. For it is a hard thing to love this world with all its injustice and hatred and cruelty. I say to you plainly, that by human intelligence it cannot be done. But by the Spirit; in Jesus; it can be done. Now, by the love I see in Jesus, I see that the law of human intelligence, which wars with the love in Jesus, is the very thing that I must love.

[This Jesus stuff is both alienating to others and a distraction. Jesus was a person who advocated unconditional love, period. You can fantasize any ideal qualities you want for him since he is not in your kitchen telling you how to fry eggs like a real person. Loving Jesus is a bit like mental masturbation. Loving a saint does not really count. You have to exercise your unconditional loving muscles on real people especially irritating people. The important thing is the unconditional love, not who advocated it.]

For the laws of human intelligence has allowed the most horrible crimes ever known to be committed. The laws of human intelligence has branded me; those like me; fools and weak, unworthy to live. Pansies!!! Oh, the majesty of love. Oh, the power. Oh, the glory, the beauty, the light. Oh, the truth!

For the laws of human intelligence, which wars against love, is the very thing that must be loved. And in so doing, be defeated by love. For it is not flesh and blood which attacks love, but the horrors of mind. For it is from the mind that the monsters which inflict mankind come. Yet as Jesus taught, "If we can believe it and receive it, the mountains of our minds can be removed and cast into the deepest sea."

[Oft quoted but never demonstrated.]

And the greatest mountain of all the mountains in our mind is: "For life on earth demonstrates survival of the fittest, strongest or most intelligent." However, the law of love must embrace the laws of human intelligence. And by the constant persistence of love perhaps one day it will be changed to say: "For love on earth demonstrates survival of the kindest, most caring or most loving." And the laws of human intelligence will be rewritten to state that love is the sole purpose of living and love is the most excellent law of survival. So, in conclusion, let us aspire to love one another, regardless of our differences. And let the love, which surpasses all love, be our watchword in this life.

Let us therefore, go to the entire world, loving unconditionally and loving with a sacrificial love, seeking nothing in return and loving with an enduring love. And showing others by our example of love, to love. Tell all people, everywhere, to stop hating. Tell them to destroy their weapons of war. Tell them to deny self interest for the sake of love. If you do this, then you will be the children of Love and the power that you possess will be beyond your imagination. For by love, you shall raise the dead of heart, heal the sick in spirit and perform all manners of miracles and the world can become a paradise for all people and not just for a few. For if we could love one another. Oh, God, if only we could love one another. Then his world would become a paradise.

Thank you for your time. And if no one has told you this today, or even if they have. I love you.

[That was an eloquent and passionate plea. People have been making them since time immemorial without nearly enough effect. What we need is to find out in great detail why, when people could have love, they choose hate. We then need a technology to help people reshape their world views. I suspect the key will be children’s TV programming. Barney the dinosaur may do more for the general ethics of the world than all the preachers put together. We may also need to develop a bit of skepticism that unfettered capitalism is 100% a Good Thing™. A few bad apple rich guys can really screw everybody else.]

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