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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.


Mick : : 2000-12-27

I have been reading some of your thoughts and I have to say I agree with the majority of what you have to say. Take a look at the stuff below. Please let me know what you think.

The First to come said…

The Seventh will be the final comer to offer change to the minds of men. It is said, "The Seventh will gather to him his own. He will gather those less than he for he will be great." Such will be the way of the Lords sent to walk among men for their own sake.

If he should be prevented and it will go hard for him as many will fear him and hold him to ridicule. If no other Lords in his time follow him and if no sufficient change shall come about, man and all his kind will perish from the face of the earth and shall be doomed and the earth will empty itself of him.

And the Mother shall die and her breasts will no longer feed him and all that is of him shall perish and he shall be no more.

Man in his mindless ways shall eventually destroy the world almost to its death and to the death of his own kind.

And at the end of man he shall be given his final chance and so shall be born the last of the Seven Signs. And if he shall fail there shall be no more to be the saviour of man. He shall be the last High Lord of The Veil. He is the end of prophecy. The last.

And he shall gather men unto him and they shall be men of reason and pure in their purpose and they shall build the Paradise that man has brought to death and ruin.

His strength shall be knowledge and his weakness his fellow man, his message reason. Many will fear and hate him and those who will hate him will do so because they will know him and be afraid. But they will not deter his purpose except at the cost of their lives and their children’s and the lives of all of their blood to the last drop of that blood.

Seven High Lords of The Veil will come in all, to different peoples to show the way.

I am the first and will be lost in time and no one shall know my name but it matters not.

My purpose is only to speak The Prophecy as I see it will be.

In my time man is young and will not be deterred from the way of the beast. But I have found those of good faith in matters that will carry my prophecy forward and let it and my purpose not be lost.

Each of the Seven High Lords will add to the prophecy as he sees. Each shall add more knowledge than the last and so shall it be.

A High Lord will be born after me of a warrior and barbaric race and great barbarity shall be rife in that time. He shall hang impaled on a tree for nine days. The meaning of nine is of perfection and concord for it unites into one all others.

Nine days shall he suffer and he shall see in a pool of his own blood, signs and he shall speak and reveal the secret meaning of those signs so that men can use them in the prophesying of the future. And he shall tell of others to come after him.

He shall bind men in brotherhood and the search for knowledge.

He shall befriend the raven and the wolf so that men shall know better of them. And he shall put high value on Knowledge, on thought and on memory.

He shall be worshiped after his death as a High God, until the coming of the last of the Signs to walk among men.

He shall be set up by those who want to gain power over his followers, but they will not find the brotherhood or gain knowledge of it.

God-likeness will not be his purpose nor shall it be his want in this thing.

Men will set up all the High Lords as godlike after they die, in order to gain power over the hearts and minds of other men, so that they may rule them to their own advantage.

They will be revered as gods in death, yet hated, feared and tormented in life by those who will use them and their names. Such will be the wickedness of men.

And the Sixth will be the most revered of all the High Lords until the coming of the Seventh. As each comes his duty will be greater.

The Sixth shall he repeat the Prophesies of all that have gone before him to his closest friends as the hour of his testing comes close.

And the Seventh shall be prophesied by him before his final hours, as he shall know that he cannot change the ways of men at that time and it must be placed upon the shoulders of the Seventh to complete the task or turn his back upon man. He shall prophesy and his number will be ten and he shall be the first and the last to come after the Sixth.

One shall be born in a place of thirteen cities, which will be turned to dust by the time of the coming of the Seventh Sign. And all the cities will be laid waste as the punishment for this evil against the High Lord. And by his murder shall he fail in his purpose.

For he will do great things and the Kings of that place of thirteen cities shall fear him and hate him for his goodness. And they shall plot and shall kill him and his wife, and all that is of his blood, lest they claim their Kingdom by right, from those who hold it only by might and by trickery and by lies. As will be the way at the coming of the fifth and the Sixth.

And after his murder men shall pay the price for the harming of this High Caulbearer and all will die and be cast down. The thirteen cities will be laid to dust.

And men in that time will mount one upon another and women will mount one upon another. And the vileness of men at that time will not be surpassed till the coming of the Seventh. And this vileness will cause the same evils to come upon man, for man shall not learn

One will be born among a race of slaves and there will be much killing at that time to rid the King of that place of the fear of him. But the Caulbearer shall be King and lead his people away from that place. And his trials shall be great.

His people shall turn away from his teaching. His every word will go unheard and men will hear only that which suits them.

When his Sign shall be seen the Kings of that time will have small knowledge of it, yet shall know of it’s meaning and they will do great and shameful slaughter. But the child will be cast afloat. And because of this the veil shall be known as a talisman against drowning in the times up to the coming of the last High Lord. Its real purpose hidden by design, that men shall forget the purpose of the veil and the High Lords that bear it and of the Lords that bear it.

And the power of the beast shall remain in the hands of the beast. Namely those who know no humanity and seek to rule over their fellows by trickery and by fear and by force. And it shall be the mark of man the beast that he shall only learn that which suits his purpose and his exaltation and like the beasts of the forests he shall know not when his belly be full.

And though this High Lord shall prove himself many times and shall show his greatness, men shall still twist his teaching in greed and in wickedness to their own ends.

The freer of slaves shall give men laws to live by and they again shall be altered to suit a lower purpose and that purpose shall be vile and man shall know no reason.

Another shall be born in a land of great forests and great beasts Again his words will be misunderstood, as he shall be above other men. He shall try to teach men to reason and study in contemplation so that he might grow to understand. He will show men the path to their inner beings. He shall show men to care for their world and all that which lives upon and shares the earth with man.

Great statues shall be raised up to him, which he would tear down in life and he shall be worshiped and this shall cause him to become devoid of his purpose.

He shall be a modest man as will all the High Lords of The Veil. And so shall his coming be marked for all men to know and to follow. But they will raise statues and idols to him in his image and they shall be made of wood and of stone and men will in their ignorance worship them as givers of life and thus defeat him in his purpose.

They shall raise up priests in his name and in their madness and they shall make men fear them and him, though the statues and the idols and the priests will be devoid of substance except in their own eyes. And man shall show no reason.

A man shall be born of the Veil but he shall not be a High Lord of the Seven. He shall have a great impact within his land. And he shall say that he has come to prepare the way for the coming of the Sixth High Lord and shall declare him to be the greatest of all the High Lords. For he is the Sixth and his task and his trials shall be great and he will be great indeed.

And the Signs of the coming of the High Lord of The Veil shall be seen in the skies and calculated upon their time.

He shall show great vision and little sense and he shall give of his best, as he shall be a good man. But he shall show jealousy and jealousy will be the end of him and it will cause his murder.

And it shall come to pass that the Sign of the bearer of the caul shall be seen to grow. But this time men will know of the greatness of this Sign and of its meaning. They shall see his Sign and they shall come from distant places to witness his coming.

They will be learned men in these matters and because of this their King will send them so that he will know when the child shall be born so that he may kill him.

In his life he will be hailed as a great king, which he will be and he will be scorned to keep him from this rightful position. And his life shall have great meaning.

And as the end of man draws near each High Lord will be revered more than the last, as it is the way of the things, that men shall learn and follow at all costs. As the end of men upon the earth and the end of his life is his final cost and thus cannot be measured in material things, as in which manner man measures all things.

And the death of the Sixth comer shall be at the hands and of the minds of the beasts that call themselves men. And as his hour closes he shall repeat this Prophecy, as will all the High Lords and it shall thus be passed on one from another in a great sleep so that it shall not be forgot.

And he shall repeat it to another who shall die and one who will not die. And the one who shall live will make the Prophecy live until the coming of the Seventh veil, the Seventh Sign. And he, the Seventh High Lord shall break it with his Seal and spread it for all mankind to look upon, so that they might not die and the earth might not die.

And men of that time will not want it to be known that they are not great and will not have his shadow cast over them.

And he shall say that one will follow and bear his mark between the navel and the groin.

And the mark shall be recognised, as it shall be the mark of his last agony at the end of his ministry. The mark of the final insult. And it shall be set upon him, as he is believed dead and to make it look so. And men will believe it so.

But he shall live on, in his seed and in the hearts of all just men who shall protect his word.

Men that shall be as beasts shall gain power over all the earth by the use of his name and shall choose to ignore the final utterances of his Prophecy, as they shall believe that cunning and murder shall save them from the loss of their power.

And they shall try to destroy that Prophecy though they know it to be true and because they know it to be true. And they shall say that they know it not. Yet shall they strive to destroy it for two thousand years and make false claims against it, so that they may possess it and the power that they shall desire of it. Their dishonesty and their evil shall be so great that they will believe even that which they know to be untrue.

Such shall be the folly of man in his final hour. Even though they know that they die and that the earth beneath their feet dies, still they shall gain no reason.

Near to the ending of days, there shall rise up great priests and great kings in the name of the Sixth claiming dominion over all things and all men. And king shall turn against king, even against their own blood. And murder shall be done in the shadow of his name.

And Queens shall be as harlots and use their baseness in their greed for power and for dominion over the earth.

And a great priest who shall hide knowledge from men and in its stead shall he teach men to believe even in that which is madness and cannot be. This same priest shall painful kill all those who will not believe his evil.

And he shall create an army of priests skilled in tortures and in debasement and he shall send such men that are less than beasts, to kill and to do murder in the name of he who will be crucified. And thus shall spit upon the name and upon the honour of the Sixth. And he shall do him that which is evil and unjust and even offer his place to a warmonger (Hitler) in his lust for power.

People will cry in pain and they shall submit, but many will not submit.

Wars will be fought and those who are misguided will believe that they do well by the Sixth. For they shall believe and know not what they do, for devious ways shall be used upon them which have been learned by the priests from the crucified one in his goodness, and twisted by them to do evil. And so shall they use the twisting of words in the minds of men.

And men will discover new lands and be in awe of them. But again they will destroy as the beasts without thought and without reason and shall lay to waste. And they will take that which is below the earth which they will use to dubious purpose. It shall be used to destroy that which is above the earth and that which is below the earth. As man will only know how to serve his greed in that time and in his haste he shall destroy that which is meant to be an awakening in the discovery of other worlds.

And in that discovery men will lay waste all they do not understand, they shall rape and murder. Countless will be slaughtered and all will be laid waste. And cruelty, even to his own kind will be his shameful mark. And it shall be done in the name of a false god and in the name of the Sixth to come. And such shall be the evil of that great priest and his followers.

Men shall live in belief alone and reason will be dead as if it were not born, beneath the weight of belief, in that which has no reason and cannot be sustained under reasons light.

But they shall claim dominion over all, down to the smallest thing, as though the followers of false belief alone and only they, have any purpose and all else shall be considered unworthy of existence in that time.

And so shall the earth be laid to waste. Her goodness will not be harvested in sustaining manner.

This will be man’s greatest time, but he will see it not and his greatest moment will pass him by and be lost to him. And he shall show no reason.

Then will come a time when men can no longer be made to believe and this time will be the time of the final comer. And he shall bid men reason. Some will listen to him but their belief will still render them deaf to his words and blind to his Sign.

And so shall he be put to his test and he will go in despair to a high mountain. And often shall he despair of man to ten times in all. And he will turn away from men. The tenth time that he despairs shall be the last and should he stay turned, man will perish to the last man and woman and to the last child.

He shall ask of you, Follow me, three times only. And if the answer still not be Yes, then he shall write your name in The Book of The Damned and shall ask you no more.

And should you come to him later when you see the way of things and are afraid, then he shall not suffer you to come unto him and will turn from you, for you be lost.

And it shall be forbidden for him to speak to any man for the fourth time.

And his number shall be ten.

He shall be commanded to show men reason for the last time. And many will perish of abuses and of disease and of stupidity and of greed. And greed knows not reason.

And his number shall be ten, as he shall be the first and the last to come during the final throes of man’s existence.

He will come among men to give unto them their last chance and to show him the way and to teach him so that he may not die.

He will ask little of man, as man will have taught him to beware of man. And he shall know well of the beast and of the base nature of the beast. And it will be strong in his time.

It will be a time of false greatness, of greed and of abomination upon the earth.

Men will show only the nature of the beast and no humanity or reason which is meant to be the mark of men.

Man will oppress in that time in his pursuit of gain without consideration. The Seventh will be born in the first half of a century whose number will be ten. All there is of him will be ten as shall be told unto you. His birth will be noted twice and he shall be the last to explain the way. And death will be the reward of those who take no note of him, or of his sayings. Their ignorance will not save them from the wrath to come. Their blood shall no longer enjoy the fruits of life, or of the earth, or of that which is beyond the earth.

The final Sign shall be obvious to even the most stupid of men, that the time is over for him and for his stupidity.

The very earth shall rage. Even the skies shall show strange lights and colours. There will be torrents of rain and great floods and fires will light up the world.

Starvation will be rife and crops will fail.

This is always a safe prophesy given that crops fail at least once a decade.

The world will erupt with many wars and terrors brought about by the baseness of the beast.

Given that there are always several wars raging at any one time on your planet, this too is a very safe prophesy.

It will be that man shall couple with man and woman with woman in their abomination.

Given that gay people have been around since the cave days, this too is a very safe prediction.

And that which is an abomination and those who commit abomination will be honoured in that time by those who know better and choose the path of gain against the path of that which is right.

At this time those who sing songs will be rewarded above the rewards of kings and honoured above their proportion.

And a woman shall rise up among the rulers of a fallen nation and in her wickedness she will befriend such abominations and help bring them to greatness, by her patronage, She shall know of what she does and even though she be great in her own eyes and in the eyes of men she shall know no peace. And so shall she die, in darkness as she has lived. Let this be another Sign unto you.

At this time the Seventh shall gather unto himself those who will be chosen, that they will enjoy everlasting life. And it shall be bought at a high price, for the beast will try to take that which is yours from you in that time.

He will show you the way and you will rule your domain as he instructs you to do. So you will be saved.

All others shall die and no Sign of them will be seen upon the earth, except that which will warn of the folly of base ways. And you that will be saved will mend the earth and it will be good.

The end of man will be the result of his own greed and depravity and he will cause disease that will kill him. He will lay waste the world and still expect that the Mother will succour him. Such will be his conceit.

He will follow false doctrine even though he know it to be false.

He shall worship false gods, killing men in support of them. And his killing will be in the justification of the wrong the he knows that he commits.

He shall render the seas unfit for the fishes to live in and it shall be poisoned by him and destroyed by him.

The rivers and the waters shall putrefy and both man and beast will thirst for clean water. And its value shall be above all things.

Given the Republicans are in charge in America, this too is about what you would expect.

This together with his unwillingness to follow reason and instead follow that which is base, will be the end of his flourishing upon the earth for two hundred and fifty years. And it shall come to pass.

And at this time of men’s madness they will believe themselves as gods and the most stupid of them will consider his opinion of great import to the way of things. Even though he knows of nothing, he shall be satisfied with his beliefs though they have no foundation He shall forget that he is beast and no longer follow his purpose.

At that time he will claim ownership over all things, even though his own body is not his and is but dust.

The mad will be believed blessed with knowledge and men will even look as mad so that they can be seen as great among their fellows.

That which is ugly will be considered more beautiful than the flowers of spring, which will be seen flourishing on midwinter’s day outside the window of the house of the Seventh Lord of The Veil. Their flowering at such a time, shall be a Sign to that Lord, that the end of man is now about to begin and he must now do as he is commanded to do, ( This appeared midwinter’s day 1997 as predicted) and that man is too late for his salvation.

And now he shall know is the time for the gathering of the few and of their beasts, and seeds and of the time of seeking clean waters. This is the sign for men to turn away from their path.

And at the final reckoning many will come to advantage themselves of the efforts of the few and will have nought to give except excuse and will expect to receive from you as you are goodly men. But in their hearts they will carry their false belief which will confound reason and within their bodies disease.

At this time will also be witnessed in the South East from this Lord’s house, two stars and they will appear to mount one upon another, as men will mount one upon another and so the judgement begins.

And that Lord will prepare and many hands will be against him and many will not help but shall wait so they can profit best from waiting and shall do nothing. Cursed be they above all.

Even those who profess loyalty shall deny him to others to save face and in fear of their own beliefs. And they will show no reason.

Some shall be turned by their spouses and by their parents and one shall be divided from another.

But the greatness of his purpose shall be great and he shall triumph, Even in death he shall triumph.

Beware you who turn against his purpose, even by doing no thing shall you be cursed. Even unto death.

Beware those who show no reason and those who profess to show reason. Good intent will not save, nor will ignorance excuse. And it shall be so.

And it is written in the minds of the Seven that they the Seven Signs of man and the Seven Seals of prophesy and the Seven spirits of man. Each representing in his own time the salvation of his kind.

And unto the Seventh shall be charged the care of his kind in his time.

And at the ending of days when man has learned not reason, the last to come is charged to offer again to men the knowledge of reason, so that the ending of days shall not come about.

One shall come after the Prince of all the Kings of the earth, who shall be the Sixth Sign and the Seventh shall come after him and his number shall be ten.

And he shall be the last sign of the forgiveness of man and man shall no longer be forgiven for his vileness.

And the Seventh that shall come after him shall be King in his own right and his blood shall be King after him over the salvation of man.

To all those who follow him in his word and he shall wash away their foolishness and cast out the abominations. He shall heal the sick in his own blood as a sign to all. And behold he shall raise smoke from clear water and the water will show blood at this time, and he shall not die from it.

And the kindred spirit of the beast that is man shall cry tears of joy at the mention of his name for as long as man lives. And his number shall be ten. For he will be the first and the last to come after the Sixth Sign. He shall be the Alpha and the Omega, the new beginning and the end to all evil that has past, He shall be the beginning of that which is to come and the avoidance of the end of days of man.

And I the prophesier whose name will be lost, by my prophesy shall I be with you to the end of days.

And he whose number will be ten, the Seventh of the Signs will give you of his spirit, and you will hear the wisdom of his voice before that day. So prepare ye, for he shall be the first and the last. And you will see what he says written down and what he says will be born of the wisdom of all the Seven Signs.

And he shall light Seven lights and set them before you and seven great plumes of smoke shall rise from the earth in that time, as great forests shall burn, which men will not quench; as only the rains of the heavens can cool such fires.

The seven plumes will be the Sign of the beginning of his reign of reason. He shall be dressed in black and on his head shall be the white hairs of his years. His voice will be pleasant and bring peace to those who are troubled. In his right hand will be written Signs and these Signs will be the Signs used in prophesy and in the seeing into the future. And they will first be seen by he who has come after me as he hang’s sorely wounded. And he shall see the signs written in his own blood and in his agony shall be blessed with the knowledge that he has wished for, that he shall have given his right eye for.

And he shall know of the meanings of such signs in nine days of agony and shall be hailed as a God and honoured even until the time of the coming of the Seventh Sign. And his Signs shall be written and men will use them to prophesy in that time.

And he who is the Seventh and the last shall lay hands upon you saying, "Have no fear, I am the first and the last. I am he that lives though I was dead for a short time." And it will be so. (Heart attacks)

And he shall hold in his mind and in his being the key to the salvation of men. And he shall be charged to tell of the things of which you have seen in writing so all men shall know of the coming and of the things which are real and of the things that will be hereafter. And the mystery of the Seven Signs which men know of and the mystery of the Seven Signs in his hands, written there only by the power of the worlds in that wonder.

And of the seven plumes of smoke that have risen into the heavens all over the earth, shall he tell unto you of the wrath of the power of the earth against the beast that is man. For man knows no reason and shows unto the earth and to his fellow man no reason but that of the beast, without the goodness of a man that is above the mind of the beast. And it shall be so.

Seven will come unto you and each will try to show you the way. But six will fail through the fault of the beast that is man, who will not show reason to his brothers or even to that which his life depends upon. Such is the evil and the stupidity of man and knows no bounds.

The Sixth will be of great importance to men so far as he shall be sorely abused, as shall all those who come for man’s sake. And their very sayings will be altered to suit the purpose of the few and so shall man be damned in the eyes of the power of the universe and that beyond the universe.

The Seventh Sign will be the most important of all the Signs as he shall be the last, and many men will not want to follow him for they shall believe him not as they look only upon the outward signs of him in their baseness. And if he is not followed in his word then men shall die and be no more. For he shall be the last chance that will come unto man and man shall deserve not that, as he will abuse even that which will save him. Even the righteous ones will cling to false Gods, knowing their falseness yet still cling to them for salvation. Such will be the follies of men.

And the Sixth shall prophesy from the prophecies of those who have gone before him, and he shall prophesy the coming of he who shall come after him. And it shall be hid from the eyes of men till his coming and his making is complete at the ending of days.

Listen carefully to the Sixth and if you hear him not then listen to the Seventh and if you hear him not then the almighty power of the world will not hear you in your agony. And you shall see proof of it.

And I know that most of you will still close your minds and your hearts and still not hear. And lay waste the life of the last High Lord of The veil, even unto you who shall hate him for what you believe he is and not for what you shall know in your hearts that he is.

Many of you will show him no reason. I know this and he shall know this and all the High Lords each in his own time will know this and suffer at the hands of you who they are come to save from damnation. Cursed shall you be, for you shall know better yet still do this evil unto them, so that they shall look lowly before thine eyes and the eyes of all men. And this shall make you feel great and exalted above them, for you are only the lowliest of beasts and thus take your importance and your pleasure by the destruction of that which is above you.

I am the first of the Seven and even my name shall be lost as I am of little importance in this matter and of little point to the Seven and unto what is to come. But not my words, as they are of import and they shall be carried in the minds of goodly men even until the ending of man’s days. And my words shall be heard as an echo among high mountains and the six who shall come after me will know of me and know of me, and my purpose shall be complete.

Since your prophesy gives no details and no dates it is not really a prophesy at all, just a rant, in the same way that Revelation is just a rant. Such pseudoprophesies can always be made to fit anything. Wrapping it up in grandiose Biblical language and throwing in a few thines does not make it anything but nonsense.

Come the millennium, month 12, In the home of greatest power, The village idiot will come forth to be acclaimed the leader.
~ Nostradamus (1503-12-04 1566-07-02 age:62) 1555 AD

Now there’s a prophesy!

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