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Phil’s Orgasm

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Phil’s Orgasm

Abby Aaron : : 2000-05-25

When my friend Phil was a child he shinnied up a pole and had an orgasm. He assumed the pleasant sensations were caused by being closer to God near the top of the pole. We laugh at Phil, but grown people act just as foolishly.

Your friend Phil, who slid down a pole and had an orgasm, may have in fact thought it was God — until science (and, I would imagine, his friends) explained to him why he was feeling the way he was.

But science has (thus far) been unable to explain to Christians what might really be behind their "born again" feelings, just as science can’t explain to me why I’m in love with one guy and not the other.

Besides, it was you who said you’d accept such unexplained feelings as evidence there might be something to all this Bible stuff — yet, your last reply seems to indicate that you probably weren’t sincere. You’ve got a very interesting website — and you make some good arguments to support your ideas. But if you’re sincere about convincing people (and I suppose that you are), let your (good) sense of humor illustrate your argument--don’t let it become your argument. Otherwise, people will dismiss you as being less than serious at best and unnecessarily sarcastic at worst. People won’t pay you any attention unless they think you’re open enough to meet them on their own intellectual level.

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