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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.


Tony Arbini : : 1999-12-07

Somehow I ended up on a website wherein you last updated a page dealing with the inconsistencies of the King James Bible.

I would like to address at least for now the first two items on your list of contradictions within the bible.

  1. How does God dwell in both the darkness and the light? Good question for sure! Please note Psalms 139:12 "even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you." What may be absolute darkness to man would be as bright as day to God. There is no contradiction here there is only a limited understanding of God on your part. God is not man he is greater than man when you try and limit God to human abilities or finite boundaries, of course, God comes up short every time. But if you view God as He has revealed himself then He can easily be seen as able to perform miracles and accomplish tasks that we can’t comprehend. Rule of thumb don’t limit God.
  2. How can blasphemy of the Holy Spirit be the unforgivable sin  Mark 3:29 if believers are justified from everything?Acts 13:39 Apparently your error is in understanding what is being spoken of in regards to the term blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. This terms means to be a "non believer or a person who rejects the Holy Spirit, God, Jesus the trinity…" Please pay attention to the wording of  Acts 13:13 not all persons are justified only believers are justified and if you are a believer then Mark 3:29 doesn’t even become an issue. There is clearly no contradiction here.

Someone was taking cheap shots at God with this list. I know that you didn’t write the original list but merely copied it onto your web page but still consider its content before posting it as it makes you look the fool.

[We are taking shots at pompous Christians who want to fob off the highly inconsistent Bible as the pure work of God. This is quite different from taking shots at God.]

I only took the time to refute the first two but as you can see this list can be easily untangled. You are dealing with scripture and it is eternal and true- but note: even Satan misused it when tempting Jesus but Christ always straightened him out.

[Now try a tougher one like:
For by grace are ye saved through faith… not of works.
~Ephesians 2:9
Ye see then how that by works a man is justified and not by faith only.
~James 2:24
You probably will find some convoluted way to twist the words. But that is the devil’s way, not God’s. God would state clearly the behaviour He expects.

It is amazing for an atheist how much time you devote to God and God bashing. I mean if you are sooooo convinced that God doesn’t exist why bother?????

[I think you have misread me. Nowhere have I stated that God does not exist. I have only stated that to me the Biblical description is insulting to the real God. It portrays Him as a petty buffoon. It can’t be true. It is too unlike the God I know from examining His creation. It is too unlike the way God behaves today. It is too sloppy. It is too full of error concerning matters of physics and God has to be a consumate physicist to have created the universe.]

I wonder what your comments on Barney the TV character would be. As he is not real yet he can be viewed on TV every morning. He utters silly little sayings that apparently have value for living i.e.; sharing is good, look both ways before crossing the street… But we can be sure that he doesn’t exist. Or how about superman or wonderwoman there are lots of books about them and their thoughts why not devote a website to bashing these fictitious characters. Because there is no point even though they may be real to 20 million kids out there. Every rational adult heart immediately identifies that they do not exist. Why is their non existence any different than Gods?. Because there is something different about God something inside of you compels you to refute His existence why is this. Because God has created you in such a way that even your own rebellion and hard heart towards him testifies to the fact that He does exist. Otherwise the concept would be as insignificant as the reality of Pokemon and you would spend no time even bothering about it.

If you are truly a thinker ponder what it would mean to you if you were to discover that God does exist and He is personally interested in you.

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