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Jesus Is The Only Way To God

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Jesus is the Only Way to God

Matt W. : : 2001-08-01

1 A very interesting web page. I am a Christian (or maybe Kristian I’ll let you decide) and I like to read challenging material because it forces me to explore my faith. It seems that you want to arrive at a point where all religions view themselves of equal merit and worth and to this end you have quoted Jesus teachings on loving each other. You have however, omitted Jesus teaching that he came to show the only way to God — "No one comes to the Father except through me." This does suggest that his is the only right way. If Jesus was wrong then you are wrong to quote any of his teachings because they may also be erroneous. If he is correct then you need to evaluate whether Jesus is such a good example of your philosphy. Any comments gratefully received.

I clearly don’t agree that Christianity is the only possible spiritual path. I consider that sort of my-way-is-the-only-way notion dangerous and downright nuts. Jesus is reputed to have said a number of very wise things and also a number of quite psychotic things. Part of the problem is he did not even have a scribe writing down what he said. I find it odd that the reputed son of God, renowned miracle worker, one visited by three kings at his birth, could not even scrape up a scribe to take down his words verbatim to speak to the ages. The best we have are accounts written from fallible memory long after his death, some from people who never even met him. Maybe it was all made up! Jesus is a bit like Liberace, not that great a talent, but quite a showman with a big following. By the fruit you judge them. Jesus’s fruits (modern day Kristians) are on the whole not very impressive. Jesus’s teachings sound beautiful, but they don’t often work to create truly compassionate people. Kristians through the ages tend to be anti-scientific, arrogant, petty, selfish, mean-spirited and judgemental.

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