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I am immensely offended by your website

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

I am immensely offended by your website

Tiffany Priddy : : 2000-11-20

I am immensely offended by your website. The way you use the word Christians such like as it is a dirty word. I, as a Christian, do not believe that gay men and woman are child molesters or monsters and should be given the same right to any job as a straight man or woman should.

I believe that you should show a more flexible look at what people think of gays and lesbians. When you say Christians you use it as a stereotype and overall influence. Not all Christians think that way and yet you never once stated some Christians or "from what I have gathered from Christians I have come in contact with." You assume by what I read that we, as Christians, all condemn you. Well for your information many Christians in the right mind of how Christianity is supposed to be taken know better than to condemn others for their beliefs.

I was hurt and offended because by what you stated on your website made me and my other friends who are also Christians sound like bigot monsters who are out to lynch and destroy the possibility of a gay man or women getting anywhere in life. Which is not even half the truth.

You make a valid point. I try to explain in several places that not all Christians are as evil as the fundamentalist fanatics I am combating. Have a look at my essay on combating Kristianity where I talk about Bach and Mother Theresa. If you look at my list of heroes you will find Martin Luther King, a Christian minister. However, I do claim that all Christians, even the kind-hearted ones, are deluded. Any form of error or delusion, no matter how well-intentioned, needs combating.

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