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Jesus = God

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Jesus = God

Family of Hernandez : : 2000-06-10

I notice that you are a deep thinker, but just consider one thing: Jesus said he and God are one and also declared to have risen from the dead. If those things are true then all the Bible is true and that is god’s way for us in the eternity: Jesus.

But you have no evidence that Jesus and God are one. Jesus may have claimed it, but that is not evidence. I could just as easily claim that God and I are one. That does not necessarily make it so. It seems to me that the Bible could still contain many falsehoods even if Jesus and God were one or if Jesus truly rose from the dead. After all, Jesus did not even write the Bible. The Bible does not even purport to be an accurate transcription of Jesus’s words, but recollections of his friends written down 15 to 30 years after his death. Further, the Bible contains many falsehoods, tall tales and contradictions. I list a few of them in my Noah essay. The Bible is clearly not 100% true. It is only partly true.

No other religion that man has developed has such claims.

I suggest you do some study of other religions before making such a claim. Hinduism in particular expects its gurus to be one with God.

Be careful not to lose out because you are looking at people for your answers!

You are the one ignoring God’s works (the creation) and blindly following only the works of men (the Bible). Take your own advice!

From a friend who cares because I know god is real and loves and that Jesus is the only way!!!!!

How do you know this? I grant that you may feel it to be so in your guts, but that is not the same as knowing. If you truly knew you could lay out your evidence. How can you possibly know that Jesus is the only way when you have not made even the most cursory examination of any other religion besides Christianity?

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