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Jesus’s Death Good or Bad?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Jesus’s Death Good or Bad?

Stress Star : : 2001-08-06

Here is one for your collection:

How can the same death of Jesus be good and bad?

be both good for the Christians --> eternal life Jesus Died for you, so you can Live

but bad for the Jews --> premature death "Jesus died and its yor fault and now you must die too!"

This is the greatest religious lie ever told in the name of God.

Any action normally has both good and bad consequences, so I see no reason why the death of Jesus should be any exception. The Christian view of eternal life is just wishful thinking. However, science may well give us effectively indefinite life within this century. It is not official Kristian dogma that Jews must die. That is Nazi, KKK-think.

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