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Christ Combatted Intolerance

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Christ Combatted Intolerance

Frank Speers : : 2000-01-25

I enjoyed reading your web page especially the things on religion. I used to study the Living Love methods (mostly Handbook To Higher Consciousness). I took several seminars with them. Then a long time passed (maybe 10 years) where I didn’t do much spiritual stuff. I didn’t even know that Ken Keyes had passed on. It is good to see that his work is still going on. Is anyone still doing the seminars?

[There is rumor there will be one in the Summer of 2000. If I find details I will post them in the Living Love section.]

I was wondering if you had that list of bible passages that said that homosexuality was a sin? There is a discussion going on here about that and I would like to look up the verses.

[The main one is:Leviticus 18:22. Most people interpret the word know in  Genesis 19:5 to mean homosexual rape in the story of Lot and the visitation by the angels. The Qur’an retells the story clearly indicating no such pun is intended. The citizens of Sodom just wanted to see the strangers Lot was harbouring.I Corinthians 6:9 (i.e. St. Paul) says that the effeminate won’t get to heaven. These verses have been used to justify murdering homosexuals and to deny them full civil rights. Christians are blind to the rest of the Bible which spends its time condemning nearly all forms of heterosexual sex.]

Many things in the bible are the opinion of the writer and not necessarily the voice of God. They come from the prejudices of the times that they were written in and of the person who wrote them. We humans become more tolerant as time passes. In early bible stories we had a death penalty for minor infractions and severe punishment for others. By Christ’s time, we are urged to forgive rather than kill the adulteress. In our time adultery is something to be dealt with by the people involved.

Most christians today do not understand that Christ’s enemy was the intolerant church leaders of his time, the ones who made a big deal about enforcing the rules and missed the whole point. I can’t imagine Christ trying to get laws passed stoping abortion or birth control or repressing minorities or gays. In fact, I can’t recall one instance of him trying to get ANY law changed.

I’ll get off my soap box and finish by thanking you for a great website.

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