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Bible In the Indisputable Word Of God

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Bible In the Indisputable Word Of God

Jeff West : : 2002-08-23

That is a rather strange assertion since we are disputing it right now. Further, only a minority of people on earth accept the Bible as true. The truth of the Bible is hotly disputed. Perhaps what you mean is you are totally at a loss for words to defend the Bible with the usual rules of evidence. You can’t dispute successfully.

I once believed as you do now, but I have evidence that the Bible is the indisputable Word of God:

I read the web page you sent me to. The evidence amounts to a series of dreams. I know how dreams can have a powerful emotional impact on the dreamer. Dreams are the dreamer’s subconscious speaking to him vividly. However, as evidence, dreams are meaningless. You could have equally well dreampt the moon was made of green cheese. That does not make it so and most certainly not indisputably so.

You Christians are grasping at straws to hold onto your delusions. Have at look at my evidence the Bible is not true, for example, the Noah story. I offer evidence considerably more substantial than dreams. You want so badly to have a friend in Jesus, that you let your imagination leap you to ridiculous conclusions.

It is so childish to depend on an imaginary friend, rather than getting out and making real ones. Have you seen the movie A Beautiful Mind, that shows the trouble you can get into if you indulge that way.

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