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You are A Hypocrite

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

You are A Hypocrite

Dwight Lenhart : : 2000-12-15

Good day. I just finished reading your article on Combating Christianity and i have to say, although it is full of slurs and derogatory remarks, the only purpose it seems to serve is to vent your own emotions and insecurity with Christianity. You seem to be so afraid of Christianity, but yet you claim it has no power.

I claim parts of the Bible are untrue. Obviously Christianity has political power. Look at the political success of fundamentalist Christians George Bush in the USA and Stockwell Day in Canada.

Personally, i look at you as a hypocrite. My beliefs lie in the fact that every religion ever created has been based on three basic elements: personal insecurity, an ideology and a pleasurable psychological response (which may lead to an actual physical response) which comes from placing faith in that ideology.

First, one must feel inadequate by one’s self, or by one’s own ideas. There must be an ideology which a person must come in contact with, or created in one’s own mind. This ideology must conform with the person’s own personal feelings, ideas, beliefs and must not oppose them in any way. Third, the person must believe in this religion and put faith into it. Faith is simply forcing one’s self to believe something is true even though there is no physical evidence or reason to confirm this. By placing faith in something, the person is attempting to make an unknown a known As anyone can tell you, the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all, second only to rejection by your peers or loved ones. This faith creates a false veil of self-importance, of self-worth and the person is psychologically soothed, by being able to answer questions about the unknown, the chief of which is death and its eventual effect on every person.

No argument there.

Why i see you as a hypocrite is the fact that you are scared of something which has no power or basis. By being emotional about it you are saying that it affects you personally.

But it does affect me personally. I am gay. Christians have been trying to either kill us gays or take away our civil rights for centuries. Their unfounded beliefs in the literal truth of the Bible make them fanatics in their persecution. I have HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) partly because a fundamentalist Christian premier made very sure I received no education about safe sex. Fundamentalist Christians in the USA are literally trying to kill my American gay friends with HIV by blocking their access to low cost drugs and financial help. Have a look at the Westboro Baptist Church website for an example of what we gays put up with every day from fundamentalist Christians.

Personally, why i don’t agree with any form of religion in its entirety, i see religion as a necessary annoyance. It is needed to keep those people who are prone to feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem in check and keep them as productive members of society. I am not a socialist, not even in the broadest sense of the word. I believe in hard work and in the enjoyment of the fruits of one’s own labor. I merely believe that religion is what keeps those people who are of lesser self reliance a useful being. It teaches them rules, ways of thinking and self contentment through their faith.

I really am running short on time, but i just wanted to sharply criticize your method of argument by using emotional outbursts. You seem to be controlled by your emotions, rather than the controller. I’m not perfect, as no man or being is. Christians are controlled by their emotional weakness, as are you. They have just decided to follow a different path of selfimportance. My friend, if you allow their beliefs to control your emotions, you are as weak and blind as they.

Christians are a smug bunch, immune to rational argument. I seek to attack them on their own turf, through emotion, using guilt and scorn. It never occurs to them that in other’s eyes they are the evil ones. I seek to wake them up. In my essays I use every approach I can think of to crack this nut, including calm rational argument and vituperation, both to deprogram Christians and prevent others from falling into their delusion.

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