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The Holy Spirit Is Evidence For The Existence of God

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

The Holy Spirit Is Evidence For The Existence of God

Greg Parry : : 2000-06-21

You think you are so smart, but to me you sound like an absolute fool. First of all, the greatest evidence of God’s existence is in the form of the Holy Spirit. You apparently have not had this fortune, or you would understand. It gives you such a peace and joy beyond human comprehension.

It seems this Holy Spirit is a feeling that only a few chosen ones such as you experience. That is not evidence. Evidence is something that everyone can see. Extreme feelings, even religious awe, can be induced with suitable drugs. The feelings we worship are just excesses of various neurotransmitters in the brain. More important, I can see no evidence of the effect of this Holy Spirit on your character. If it truly were the Holy Spirit, you would be transformed like Moses.

I have talked to people who have attended Ernest Angley crusades who were knocked out by this powerful presence. I myself received it during baptism and there can be no mistake it is real.

I too experienced the electric shock of being slain in the spirit when he whacked me on the head. It is quite exciting after waiting hours in line to suddenly be under the klieg lights with all attention focused on you. However, I noticed how the lame who were healed returned to their wheelchairs and how he had the volume cranked way way up when talking to the newly cured deaf. You don’t see that on TV.

Next, archaeologists have found pieces of the ark.

They found an old boat. That is a far cry from evidence that the tall tale of Noah is true.

You need to learn a little more. Next, even doctors have remarked that God must be real, when incurable conditions are cured. This was examined on 48 Hours recently.

Why does that imply God? The human body has remarkable curative powers, that are amenable to placebo and suggestion. It could be God, but it is not necessarily God. If God is the one who cures, why does God allow so many deserving children to suffer and die of leukemia?

Finally, Jesus must of convinced a few people that he was God when he was alive. Our calender of time revolves around his birth and death.

The names of the months are Roman names, not Christian. The days of the week are Norse, not Christian. Easter and Christmas just holidays. They don’t mark the start of the year, or any magic fraction. Jesus gained most of his followers long after his death. St. Paul and friends deserve much of the credit for that. Jesus need not even have existed for Christianity to have flourished. What sells is the drama of his story, not historical evidence the story is actually true.

Please find another topic to write about because on this one you sound completely ignorant.

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