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God Has Offended You

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

God Has Offended You

Brett Hannah : unknown : 2002-08-20

What you fail to realize, Roedy, is that it is not me that has offended you. It is God! You are offended by a holy, righteous God! You know what the truth is and it hurts! Just like Jesus told Saul, "It is hard for you to kick against the pricks! (Pricks" is not referring to your homo friends. It’s referring to those jabs you feel in your conscience every time you spit in the face of your only Hope of salvation.)

The creator of the universe is doing nothing particular to annoy be, except perhaps take a very hands-off approach to the suffering here on planet earth. You on the other hand write me pompous emails claiming to know the will and mind of God, without offering any credentials or evidence. If God wants to send me a messenger, let him be someone I can admire, someone who does not dodge my difficult questions.

Oh and by the way, if I was really mean spirited I wouldn’t bother to tell you that you are going to hell. I’d just let you find out when you got there! Which requires more love — warning a person of their condemnation, or withholding that information from them?

Are you familiar with Dana Carvey’s character on Saturday Night Live, the Church Lady. You and she ought to date.

Jesus said to judge with a righteous judgement. (John 7:24) That means we are to be discerning people, able to tell the difference between right and wrong. I cannot condemn what God has already condemned. I can only stand in agreement with Him.

For your information, Roedy, I stand ready to be your dearest friend as soon as you repent and submit to God. I would love nothing more than to have true fellowship with you and get to know you better. But until you do, consider me your dearest enemy.

I as read the sermon on the mount, love is not supposed to be conditional on anything. You are supposed to love your enemies, period, no matter what they do.

I was wondering why you haven’t responded.

There are actually 109 unprocessed messages ahead of you in the queue the topic of religion alone. I processed yours out of turn because you so eloquently exemplified the true nature of Kristians.

You threaten me with eternal torment for not following your particular view of the nature of God. Conversely, you too are in some danger from ignoring my observations on the nature of the creator of the universe. You find it comforting to imagine God as man up in the sky, who watches you every move and who looks out for you. This could lead you into carelessness though a false sense of security. Should you let yourself get into a position, say similar to the one the Jews in Nazi Germany faced, you will find God will be equally deaf to your entreaties. Relying on God to protect you from anything is folly. Trusting in God to provide next month’s rent is just as silly as those Burmese soldiers thinking their tattoos will protect them from bullets. If God exists at all, he rarely intervenes in individual lives.

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