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God Befuddled Those Who Saw The Resurrection

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

God Befuddled Those Who Saw The Resurrection

LeaAnn : : 2000-06-16

I am a Christian, not because I was raised one, but because I found a love deeper than any other, from Christ Jesus. How can you say that he never lived? Every religion, just about, has an account of Jesus, the Nazerine, though, only Christianity views him as the Lord.

The Qur’an mentions Jesus, but Mohammad, peace be upon him, had no direct contact with Jesus. He knew Jesus only through what the Bible said. Oddly, Jesus is not mentioned in any secular records. The Bible is the only source of information about him.

I know in my heart it is true and much of the information that you give about Christians applies to no Christian I know, including myself. When it is said in the Bible that Christ disciples didn’t recognize Him, it was because God did want them to.

Why would God do such an arbitrary childish thing? That is something God could do, but something I find very hard imagining him actually doing.

You also say that Christians don’t look at other religions, that we block out all that disprove our beliefs. Our church has done studies into many religions and many contradict themselves, but you gave not one verse from the Bible that contradicts another.

I’d like you check out the Oopsies. The Bible is full of inconsistency and statements contrary to fact.

I will always believe because the Holy Spirit lives in me and I pray for people who don’t believe and for people like you who lead others to disbelief.

It may well be true that the Holy Spirit lives in you. It could be true even if the Bible contains error and inconsistency. You might ask the Holy spirit for words to explain what is in your heart in a way that people who don’t feel that in their heart can also understand. As it is, you come across as if you had no reason, only a feeling, on which to base your position.

I wish you knew Jesus’s undying love for all humans and his wish that we all follow him. I will pray for you and others like you. With the power and strength of Christ.

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