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It is Scientifically Proven that Being Gay is a Lifestyle Choice

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

It is Scientifically Proven that Being Gay is a Lifestyle Choice

Sam : : 2000-09-27

That is a malicious lie and you damn well know it is a lie. You did not even cite the science. I have interviewed thousands of gay people. I never met a one that chose to be gay. Nobody wanted to be gay. However, after discovering how vicious, mean spirited and lie-based the hatred of gays is, they learn to accept themselves as they are and reject the putrid stream issuing from the Christian lying lips of bastards like you.

I want to know why you consider Christians at fault for a gay’s life style?

Where did you get that idea? I berate Christians for discriminating against gays. They have nothing to do with causing them to be gay.

The Christians do have belief that homosexuality is a sin but it is no worse than others. They do not punish gays.

That may be the theory, but in practice Christians spend more energy tormenting gays than any other sinners.

There is no possible way that being gay is genetic… that is scientifically proven and a smart homosexual acknowledges that.

Where did you read that, at the KKK (Klu Klux Klan) or (held off the air by hackers)? Here is some evidence to the contrary:

It is a choice and there are legal consequences to the choice. Homosexuality has always been considered so culturally unacceptable.

That is true in Christian cultures, but not others. Christians are the ones who have spread hatred toward homosexuals. In traditional native American cultures, for example, the gay people were honoured. They became the medicine men.

That is why there is hated in certain groups. If you actually did research the topic you would find that an extreme amount of churches tolerate gay… which I find extremely disturbing.

That is true. The Unitarian Church of Canada risked dissolution when it officially gave up its hatred and prejudice toward gays. On the other side, the Catholic church keeps reaffirming medieval position. The people who give gays a hard time invariably come from Christian backgrounds. Not all Christians are gay bashers, but most gay bashers are nominally Christian, (though certainly not Christian by Christ’s definition).

Being gay is not genetic… it is a life style you have chosen.

Given that you are not gay, how the heck do you know this?

You do pay legal consequences for that choice. The Christians do not punish you, you punish yourself. I suggest you think about where your rights came from. They didn’t come from the country or this earth… your rights came from God.

Where was God protecting the rights of the Jews in Nazi Germany? Rights come from humans working hard to keep other humans from taking them away. We gays have to protect our rights from people like you who are deluded in thinking God told you to make our lives as miserable as possible.

So to say that you are being denied your rights is wrong. God gave you your rights and you chose to go against the natural way of creation.

I can’t see any reason why the ancient Hebrews should have been any more accurate in their conjectures about God than the ancient Romans or ancient Norse. Your Bible is just yet another conjecture on what God would want. It has no validity.. Even the Qur’an is more plausible as God’s word than the Bible. At least it is not full of error and contradiction. Don’t pretend it is God speaking when it is your own black heart.

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