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Flat Earth

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Flat Earth

Josh : : 2000-03-21

I was just checking through your website. a lot of it makes pretty good sense, it’s nice to see some of the same things I’ve always been saying about the church, Christ, christianity, etc. put into some coherent form, since i’m bad at expressing words on paper. :)

you said at one point, it’s getting harder to keep people in the dark these days. that’s just paraphrasing, but i thought you might want to check out a link to The Flat Earth Society (you’ve probably already seen this) I’ve never come across a more glaring example of damaging ignorance and stupidity in my life, than that of and his group of fanatics who adamantly oppose all science and the works of the greatest minds of our time on theories such as physics, geology, astrophysics, aeronautics, etc. etc. etc.

i may (actually i most likely do) have my facts crooked, but the basic idea behind Flat Earth dogma, as near as I can gather, is that the Earth itself, is a huge flat disc, with the north pole at it’s center. the entire world spreads out in a circle around it. At the edge is antarctica. beyond that is unexplored ice and snow which presumably stretches forever. Heaven is approximately 4.83 megameters (3,000 miles) up. The sun, moon and planets are actually as big as we see them in the sky (or so i gathered) and so forth.

They also claim NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is the biggest hoax ever forced on the human race. The space shuttle is merely a mock plane which has never flown. All discoveries made in space, the moon landing and satellites orbiting the Earth are merely products of Science fiction.

Well, I realize this is rather long, but i thought you might be interested in reading some of this nuttiness for yourself, since i REALLY couldn’t believe that people still claimed the Earth as flat, in this day and age.

Here’s the link to their homepage.

anyways, thanks for doing such a GREAT job on your site. I had a great time reading it. i have just one question: what exactly do you mean by being your brother’s keeper? isn’t this pretty much equated to not minding your own business? if you’re looking after other people all the time being their keeper to me means forcing your own beliefs down the throats of others. maybe i just read it wrong.

I’d like to say if my problem with the brother’s keeper statement makes me sound holier than thou, i’m not and i don’t claim to be. i’m as human as the next guy and i do a LOT of judging where it’s none of my business. it just seemed like a confusing statement, that’s all.

anyways, good job, keep combating christianity and all religion in all its forms.

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