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Einstein and God

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Einstein and God

Lee Ryman : : 2001-09-02

I wish to thank you for a great website. Finally I’ve found a site that explains the stuff you need to know without going into the stuff you don’t. It is very clear and the references to other websites are also a plus.

I specially enjoyed reading the Combating Kristianity page. I could not agree more to what your saying, people continually inflate the simple Christian faith to unbelievable proportions. It is a way of life in amongst a great variety of ways-of-life, not some hype reality TV show in which we are all supposed to act. I used to go to church regularly, but I got tired of pastors and fuddy-duddies (my term for the overly fundamental, similar to your Kristians i think) telling me we are all going to die for our sins/we should be evangelists for the faith/we have sinned and will die/etc. etc. etc. Can’t I just experience this universe and live life to the full and encourage others to do the same whatever they believe? isn’t that what its all about? Heck, just the way people go about their daily life is better evangelism than anything I’ve seen.

The quote from Einstein at the top of the page got me thinking about a way-back high school assignment on him. From what I remember, he had a deep belief that there was a creator god, the perfection in science he saw in the universe around him leading him to that believe. Did you ever get that impression when reading his works?

Once again, a very though inspiring website.

On the topic of religion, Einstein said the following:

And Einstein was not a Christian.

This may sound crazily grandiose, but I see one of my missions in life is to carry on Einstein’s work in trying to make the connections between science and religion a legitimate field of study. I hope some day will will have a science of belief engineering where where we study precisely why people believe what they do, how people can change their beliefs and the effects those beliefs have on their subjective and objective experience. We will study such questions as how do you get people to behave altruistically? How do you get people to treat each other well? How do you get people to take long range consequences into consideration? And, of course, we will iron the kinks out of the Quantum Philosophy.

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