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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.


Midwestern Sunset : : 2000-10-23

Back in May, your response to my message was so hypocritical, it took me this long to stop laughing. Then I realized it’s more sad than funny. Examples:

You said: I don’t think you realize what an evil fundamentalist Christianity is. It is roughly on par with racism in terms of the amount of needless suffering it creates in the world.

Wrong. Look at your history. More wars were Gmdash; and are — caused by economics than by religion and racism combined. Even the American Civil War would have never been fought if it weren’t for the fact that the Northern economy didn’t depend on slave labor while the Southern economy did. The South didn’t fight the war because they didn’t want to give rights to blacks, but because they were sure the abolition of slavery would grind their economy to a halt. Sure, some wars have been fought for religious reasons, but they are vastly outnumbered by all other reasons. Just like Bubba Clinton always said, It’s the economy, stupid.

The two main wars going on now are in Israel and Northern India. Both are fueled by religious fanaticism, granted not Christian fanaticism in this case. The most important civil war going on right now is the one in Northern Ireland. It is fueled by ancient hatreds between two Christian sects. Fights over scarce resources are inevitable. Fights over ethnicity such as those in Yugoslavia are regrettable. Ones over religious doctrine are sheer foolishness. Study your European history. Catholic Spain and France battled with protestant England ad Germany for centuries. The whole colonisation of the world was justified since the exploited and enslaved people were heathens. Bin Laden’s fanaticism is fueled by his belief that American presence in Saudi Arabia descrates the holy shrines.

You said, "Christians go out of their way to make life miserable for gay people. They spew such hatred that many people get the weird notion we gays are fair game for torture and murder."

Now, try the best you can to tell me exactly who these many people are and how they could actually believe that gays are fair game for torture and murder. I’ve never in my life been able to find anyone — let alone many people — who somehow didn’t know murder was against the law and that you could go to jail for torturing people. Even the KKK (Klu Klux Klan) knows murder is against the law.

There have been some highly publicised cases, Matthew Shepard for example and the Gaither incident. Gay bashing is so common police won’t even investigate. They bawl the victim out for putting themself in danger. Search the Internet for the phrase gay bashing, before you pontificate. If a gay person is robbed the police will bawl the victim out for allowing a robber into the home and will do nothing to help. I have experienced this personally.

And I can’t recall a single serial killer who, when caught by the cops, said, "What? You mean murder is against the law?" Sure there are people who just don’t care and will kill anyway — but that’s not what you said. As the typical liberal you are, careless phrases roll off your tongue so easily, you never think about what you are actually saying.

You said, "Even into the 60’s, claiming the victim was gay was sufficient to get off a murder charge."

Okay, tell me the cases when this happened. Give me at least one case number where the court ruled that because the victim was gay, the defendant didn’t commit murder. Motivations often determine if someone is guilty of murder and there have been cases where sexual orientation played a part in why the murder took place. But I’ve never heard of a case where someone was able to say, I killed him because he’s gay, and the court said, Okay, then, you’re free to go. Give me the case number(s). Again, you’re too loose with your words.

I refer you to one case here in BC back in the 60s. The assailant used a large rock to pound the victim’s head into a liquid pulp. The assailant explained that the victim was only a queer and further that he had made a pass. The assailant was let off. It was considered a justifiable homicide. In more recent times defence attorneys try to fly with a homosexual rage defense, say that it is normal to fly into a homicidal rage if hit on sexually by a homosexual. Clearly, public opinion has changed drastically since the 60’s but the change came from secular sources. The Christians such as the Pope and Reverend Fred Phelps tried their best to drag us back to medieval attitudes. Sorry, I can’t give you a case number. Can you even give me O.J.’s case number?

You said, "Usually gay bashings and killings are not reported to avoid bringing on further trouble."

That’s hilarious. If you know of any killings that have not been reported, I’m sure the cops would like to hear about them. And if it went without reporting to avid bringing on further trouble, who the hell are you talking about? The corpse? The murderer?

Sorry, that was an error. I did not proof read that properly. What I meant to say is that gay murders and bashings were not investigated and that bashings were not reported to avoid bringing on more trouble.

Again, tell me about at least one killing that didn’t go reported.

As far as gay bashings go, how do you know they’ve gone unreported? Network news programs make the same mistake, assuming that people who say they were attacked, but who don’t want to report it to the cops, will tell the truth in a survey. That’s why such surveys are unscientific and make lousy evidence in debates such as this. Stick to the facts.

I am sure a homophobe like you must know more about it than me who has talked to people who have lived through it, or researchers who have taken surveys. There is much more motivation to avoid going to the police than there is to lie on a survey. I met one guy who had no penis. Gay bashers had broken a beer bottle, cut it off then shoved the bottle up his anus. This cruelty was inspired by Christianity. Back in the 70s, I had a short androgynous lover. He had trouble with bashers on a daily basis. The police have changed drastically in the last decade. They used to be among the most anti-gay groups, usually made that way from a fundamentalist upbringing. They wanted to make people behave, not only according to the law, but according to the moral codes they were brought up with.

You said, "The Fundamentalists are sisters to the KKK. Not all KKK members beat up blacks, but they spread the self-righteous hatred that eggs others on to do so."

Now, in what way are the KKK and Fundamentalists related? Blaming Fundamentalists for the actions of the KKK is like me blaming you for all the crimes committed each year by environmentalists and animal rights groups (sabotage, theft, arson, burglary, assault, vandalism). Guilt by association, where no association exists? Get real.

They both use Christianity to justify tormenting others.

You said, "Surely I should be permitted to at least question the notion that Christianity is the one and only perfect religion! Perhaps you are not familiar with the constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and freedom of speech."

I almost feel out of my chair when I read that one! If you believe in the American Constitution, why are you trying to shut up Christianity and deny them the right of free speech? What a hypocrite!

Not shut it up, but expose it for the fraud it is. I would hope once people see the truth they will drop this medieval pack of lies and superstition. They would then seek out a more humane, rational basis for determining right and wrong, truth and falsehood, or perhaps, like Thomas Jefferson, mine the Bible for the gold and leave the dross behind.

Liberals like you throw words out in an endless stream of empty, nonsensical rhetoric. Sure, hatred is bad — we all agree on that — but you need to look in the mirror more often. Christianity isn’t the "evil empire you seem to make them out to be. There must be a secret" reason for your hatred of them. Just like one of your other respondents said, you seem to take all the troubles in your life and blame Christianity for every one of them. Start looking at yourself and quit blaming other people.

I did a lot of public speaking in the early 70s about gay lib. I was chairman of a gay lib group called G*A*T*E (Gay Alliance Toward Equality). Everywhere I went I had to put with crap and abuse from smug Christians such as yourself. You are the fount of hatred. There is no doubt in my mind. There is no other source. I have heard thousands of hours of Bible-thumping twaddle from your ilk. It is bullshit. Pure BS and lies. Ironically, it is also totally counter to what Christ taught.

As I said before, no other group besides the Fundamentalist Christians spends their time trying to take away my civil rights and to block me from attaining full equality with straight people. If you are a gay person, Christians are the evil empire. No other group comes close in pure malice. Obviously, there are other villains on the planet that also need attending to, but we gays have been charged with dealing with the Christians.

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