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Distortions & Rubbish

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Distortions & Rubbish

Siros : : 2000-02-05

You have made a mistake in Exodus 21:20-21. The verse does not say servants should be beaten to death, it says that if a master should mistreat servants this person should be harshly punished. This is because God’s number one concern is justice.

[The Bible study guide does not say that. It simply points to where the Bible discusses this crime.]

The problem with your politically correct interpretation is you want to mould God in your own sanitised image. You want God to be a powerless wimp instead of the creator of life, the universe and far flung galaxies.

In order for God to be God he has to show who is boss, i.e. HE must have the power over who lives or dies. You must fear God, it is as simple as that. God does not view life and death in our small minded pathetic understanding of it.

[We agree in principle here. The God of the Old Testament to me is a pathetic buffoon. The Biblical description is insulting. He fares somewhat better in the Qur’an. The real God is probably well beyond the abilities of any human to describe.]

Your interpretation of Corinthians is complete garbage. There is a difference in forbidding fornication and forbidding sex outright. What God is forbidding for Christians is the filthy sexual practices of the heathen, such as phallic worship, which is truly filthy. Oh, by the way, homosexuality is disgusting and a violation of the created order. It is a genetic dead end, you cannot reproduce in a gay relationship. And as with any natural weakness, disease has a way of exterminating the unproductive and weak e.g. HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus).

There are some writings in the Bible which may seem bizarre, such as women must keep quiet, the Bible was never meant not to be challenged, but be very careful how you do it. What you are doing is distorting the writings into your own irreverent tosh.

[It is the apologizers of the Bible who must be careful as jackstraw players to dance through all silliness in the Bible, some way discounting it. The most common approach is to avoid tackling any particular oopsie and claim quoting out of context or distortion. The Bible is just as silly in context. That is why I let you read the context of each quotation for yourself in the Bible Study guide. The Bible is the accumulated wisdom of 1000 years of one agrarian culture. It is nothing more than that. We get it trouble when we pretend it has some magical grip on truth despite its obvious errors.]

There is plenty in the Bible that offers great hope of an end in sight, giving us strength to endure this filthy toilet we have to endure at present.

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