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Disproving the Existence of God

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Disproving the Existence of God

Greg Parry : : 2002-10-30

I have a question for you if you wouldn’t mind answering. I have read much of your writings and have come to the conclusion that you are truly a brilliant man-and i may see where you are coming from on a lot of subjects.

What I really would like to know is why do you try to disprove God’s existence? I mean what is the point? You believe the way you do and that’s it. Or……maybe you want someone to convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt. You want there to be a God! Am I correct?

I hope your health improves and you find the peace you are looking for. Take care!

If you read my essay on the existence of God you would see I am more of an agnostic on the matter. I don’t see how you could resolve the issue one way or the other unless God comes out of hiding. Even then, I don’t see how you could tell a member of a sufficiently advanced civilisation apart from the true creator of the universe.

I have followed various recipes guaranteed to put me in contact with God. So far nothing happened. I was curious to see what it was that other people label as God, even if I might not be convinced the phenomenon would be best be explained as God talking to me. Some seem to think any sufficiently commanding internal voice must be God. See the hallucination essay which describes an experience I had at a teenager which could be interpreted as a conversation with God.

On the other hand, when it comes to the issue of whether the Christian description of God is accurate, I am quite sure it is not. It is just too out of sync with what I can directly observe of the handiwork of the creator of the universe. I go into this more fully in the essay on the real god. Christians often confuse rejecting the Christian description of God with rejecting God or goodness.

I want to talk people out of believing the Christian description of God in the hope of making them less judgemental, more accepting and more compassionate. That Old Testament depiction is an untruth and like all untruths should be exposed for the lie it is.

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