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Christianity Is A Religion of Deceit

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Christianity Is A Religion of Deceit

Alex Chas : : 2000-08-28

I totally agree with you man. Christianity is just a religion of deceit and misguided faith. It disgusts me how people can be so easily misled. I am not an atheist, though in society’s eye… I would be considered one, merely because I have my own, original views on god. I am currently trying to create my own religion and I would love to hear your beliefs.

I talk about my beliefs in my philosophy of life essay. I pretty much follow the beliefs of Living Love too. If I were to create a new religion, it would be based on was is, not on speculation, the way most religions are. Nothing would be cast in stone. Disciples would be instructed to keep reexamining to find the best possible truth. So my religion, at least at this point, could have nothing to say about gods. Perhaps at some point in future that would change, but for now it appears men make gods in their own image. Gods belong in the realm of unicorns. They are irrelevant to the concerns of daily life. My morality would be based on cosmic consciousness, a spiritual experience that even ordinary people experience a few times in their lives. Behave realising that we are all one being. If you whack someone over the head, it is much like whacking your own arm. Just because you can’t always feel the whack, (e.g. when your arm goes to sleep or when you are not in cosmic consciousness) does not mean it is a Good Thing™ to do it. You work out the morality by considering the effect on everyone, not based on a set of arbitrary rules.

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