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Do You Know The Name of Your Creator?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Do You Know The Name of Your Creator?

Michael Starman : : 2000-05-18

His Name is Yahweh and your name is blasphemy. I Michael rebuke the words of your pages in the Name of Yashua the Christ who was sent by the father Yahweh to pay a debt for us. He will one day return to judge liars and idolators such as yourself. Yes from the words you have written, He is already judging harshly your purpose. Repent and believe the Word as it is originally written in the scrolls. I know without doubt that every word is true. The Psalm you quote  Psalms 137:9 is talking about smashing the seeds of satan (mystery babylon) himself.

I’m glad to see you allow figurative interpretation of the Bible. It leads to greater tolerance if people are not too sure they have an exclusive hold on truth.

We are to live by faith, not by human sight.

But faith in what? Depending on where you live on the planet, shortly after you are born you will be given a Bible, Qur’an, Bhagavad Gita, a copy of Mein Kampf or book of Buddhist sutras. Your parents will tell you this is the one true way, and you will believe it, whether it is or not. The Bible contains more error and inconsistency than its competitors. What has it to recommend it above all others? What has any book to recommend it over diligent study of works we know came directly from the creator of the universe? For example, with the new Hubble telescope we can look back in time and see what the universe was actually like shortly after the creation. The people who are surest the Bible is the one true way are those who have never read anything else. Seeing the silliness in other people’s religions helps you to see the ridiculousness of your own.

To me you, sound like a pompous child, somebody to laugh at rather than take seriously.

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