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I am Chosen of The Lord

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

I am Chosen of The Lord

Chosen : : 2002-05-29

I may be only 13 years old, But I know enough to tell you that the road you are heading down right now isn’t going to get you anywhere nice. God says to warn the wicked when he is going to die in his sins, so consider yourself warned. If you persist in your unbelief you will find yourself in the lake of fire and sulphur burning continually forever. Some parts of the Bible may be hard to understand, but it takes more faith to maintain atheism than to trust in the living God. Jesus is your only hope. He loves you and wants you to come to Him for salvation. Turn ye, turn ye from your wicked ways- for why will ye die?

If the authors of the Bible had to make such a threat, it is clear the work does not stand on its own. If the Bible were the true word of God such threats would not be necessary. It would be obvious the work was of such quality it could not have been composed by men. Surely the real God would not demand his followers believe an obvious lie. Only men would make such a demand.

The only reason you believe that the Bible, as opposed to some other book, is the word of God is that your parents drummed it into you before you were old enough to reason. It is an accident of geography. Had you been born in Salt Lake City you might equally vehemently be defending the Book of Mormon. You can easily see the silliness of it. Yet those whose parents brainwashed them from an early age cannot. The same is true of the Bible.

All of us have memories we drag up to torment ourselves with from time to time. One of mine is, when I was 13, I vehemently attacked the C.C.F., a left-wing political party. I feel quite embarrassed about it now. I was just parroting my parents’ sentiments. I had not yet studied the parties for myself.

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