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Celtic Witch

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Celtic Witch

Cindy Henderson : : 2001-04-08

A friend stumbled upon your Great God Contest site and posted the link to a newsgroup I subscribe to. I thought it was pretty amusing and decided to investigate the rest of the site. There is nothing I enjoy so much as a person who perpetuates deep thinking and I think you have done that admirably.

By that do you mean the big list of possible religions? I don’t ever recall writing an essay about a Great God Contest though you are the fourth person to comment on it.

I have read some of the comments on your feedback pages; I feel bad for the people who would rather latch onto dogma rather than question the validity or the origin of it. I am pagan and one of the things I have learned since starting on this path is: love God(s)/Goddess(es) for what he/she (they) represent to you, not what others would have you believe he/she (they) represent. That’s a liberating stance, and I learn more every day, it seems.

If people picked their spouses the way they pick their religions, everyone would be constrained to marry the girl/boy next door without ever dating anyone else.

At any rate, thank you for a delightful website which I am sure I will visit again to study what it has to offer.

Cindy Henderson
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