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Blind Faith

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Blind Faith

Ellen Glyne : : 2002-03-12

To start of with I’d like to state that I do believe in God or my God but yet I’m not a highly religious person.

Certain points mentioned in your essay is however highly…off the actual point. I can’t remember ever reading that the Bible states anywhere that It was written entirely by God. I know that you stated you receive a lot of mail from people that try to explain every single point that you stated. I’m not even going to try to because the God or whoever or whatever created me didn’t give me such a great intellect as supposed to certain people like yourself.

[Christians demand that, for example, homosexuals should be persecuted in law because the Bible is 100% the word of God. If I can prove the Bible is not 100% true and consistent, then that leaves doubt about those nasty verses in Leviticus that want everyone put to death for the silliest of crimes .]

Just for arguing sake.

Point no 1 :

God dwells in light and "God dwells in darkness" — is there maybe a chance that you are comparing God as a normal human being ?…If God is like everybody believes (and probably knew ) He is, do you at any stage consider it that God can actually do both?

[Touché! Now you have several hundred more oopsies to explain away before the Bible could be considered inerrant.]

Point no 2 :

Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is unforgiveable to Believers are justified in all things — one lives on earth and later on, one lives in heaven. On earth you will be punished, but in the end forgiven and when you do reach heaven, all things will be justified.

And so I can go on and explain all points I think I have the biblical or religious explanation of. But the point of the matter is I don’t know everything and also that believing in the Bible is totally up to every individual out there.

Maybe to relate this to the Bible is out of…context, but maybe it makes sense in the end. You either believe that God did in His way write all content of the Bible…or you don’t. You either believe in aliens or you don’t. You either believe in conspiracies…or you don’t. What it boils down to in the end is that God, or a higher power gave us the incredible gift to make our own decisions and decide our own believes.

So in the end if it is your decision to question the credibility of the Bible…so be it. Just like it is my decision to believe in my God.

[You can choose to believe in the tooth fairy, but that still won’t change what happens to teeth under your adult pillow. I find your callous disregard for seeking truth contemptible. You believe what feels good, not what you truly think is true.]

The only text I do remember reading in the Bible once, is that one should not question the word of God. (I’m not referring to the text where it is written in the Bible, since I already stated that I’m not a highly religious person and I cannot remember where it is written). But I’m not questioning anything.

I believe that you have received much more interesting mails than this and that some of them may have had some very good arguments. But I’m just merely trying to state that who ever we are or whatever we believe in, we’ll all have to answer to someone much higher than us in the end.

And frankly… I hope that HE/SHE will be as forgiving as the Bible states. Maybe God will dwell to us in the light or in the dark. Who really knows?

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