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God’s Blessings

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

God’s Blessings : Dinny Williams via snail mail from Australia : 2000-08-08

You told me in your letter to do any praying or laying on of hands in your behalf. So last Friday 29 July at approximately 11:00 AM, the Unity Church Minister and I did just that. As he generally does with this sort of prayer, Alex prayed for a cleansing and healing of your inner self and also for physical healing.

Do let us know whether you have noticed any improvement. And do remember that this sort of prayer always carries a blessing with it.

Thanks Dinny. I don’t recall feeling anything unusual that day. Even an atheist like myself likes it when people think good thoughts about them. My health has been gradually and steadily improving ever since February. I talk a bit about it in my essay on HIV. What appears to be improving even faster than my health is my personal life. People are being much more loving and friendly to me than in the past. As you may know, the main way I meet people is through giving massages. I have been meeting more and more appreciative people.

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