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An Archaic and Staid Worldview

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

An Archaic and Staid Worldview

Gene Wilkes : : 1999-11-19

You have encapsulated every tenet of a post modern who has moved from faith to reason. Your insights help me to carry on logical and compassionate conversations with others who think/feel like you. As you would guess, I come at life from a different wordlier than you, one that seems archaic and staid from your perspective. But, that worldview explains better for me than any other the human condition and its hope for all it longs for.

i know this will sound patronizing and/or shallow to you, but, from my room with a view it is the best I have to offer you: you are in my prayers.

C. Gene Wilkes, Pastor
Legacy Drive Baptist Church
Plano, TX

I find that view quite peculiar. Surely you are as aware as I of how erroneous the Bible is when it comes to matters of geology, physics and biology. Surely the creator of the universe knows these matters inside out. The author of the Bible clearly does not. Therefore it seems to me that the Bible can’t possibly lay any claim to divine authorship. You are rejecting God and embracing ancient man’s wisdom instead. If you truly loved God you would wish to learn how he really thinks, how he really designed the universe. This is the true work of science. You know darned well those old farts who wrote the Bible had no more clue than you. They were just guessing, giving it their best shot. It is just fear, inertia, laziness and comfort that makes you stay in your familiar Biblical den, not loyalty to God.

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