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Reverend Ernest Angley Nightmare

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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Reverend Ernest Angley Nightmare : T. (name withheld) : (email address withheld) : 2008-04-17

First off if you post this on the web please do not use any of my personal info.

I was raised in the Ernest Angley ministries for about 12 years and I am now [personal detail deleted (in my mid 20s)]. My life has been a total wreck because of that man. My family moved us across the country when I was a child to go to his church. Growing up was like being in a prison. There are so many rules you have to follow or you will burn in hell. Here are a few examples of what we were not allowed to do: no books other than the bible, no music unless it is produced by the church, no dating outside of the church. There are 18 year old girls marrying 40 year old men because God said to do it. Ernest Angley will tell you if that person is meant for you to marry and if he says no and you marry him anyway you are out of God’s will. They believe that he is the only true servant of god on earth and everyone who doesn’t believe they way they do is going to hell. We were only allowed to watch rated G movies, nothing with cursing or sex or magic. You are required to give 10% of your earnings whether you have it or not. People will not pay their bills because they have to give tithes and offerings. He will ask for certain amounts of money even up to $50,000.00 USD and people will walk down and hand it to him. There are so many crazy things that go on it would take too long to explain. But what hurts the most is your very own family will turn their back on you because you don’t believe the way they want you to. I was married for [personal detail deleted] years had [personal detail deleted] children and lost it all. They are so wrapped up and scared to death of failing god and Ernest Angley that they will destroy so many lives just to save one soul. You might think that there is more to my story and there is much more, but let me tell you this: I am not the only person this has happened to. Several people have lost their families and been thrown out of the church all because one man said they were devil possessed. This church is no different than any other cult, but somehow he gets away with it. Someone needs to put an end to all this. Who is to say who is right with God or not. If I could shout it from the top of the world I would: Ernest Angley is destroying lives and getting away with it.

I went to see Reverend Ernest Angley perform his healing merkles when he visited New Westminster and saw how he faked them. I tell the story of how, to my astonishment, he pronounced me possessed of the devil, his way of dismissing anyone getting anywhere close to exposing him for the fraud he is. He was born 1921-08-09, which makes him 96 years old. He can’t keep his con game going much longer.

From your account, Angley sounds much like Warren Jeffs, the polygamy cult leader. If there is an afterlife, Angley will have some serious splainin to do.

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