How Do Creationists Ignore Evidence?

What is really happening when creationists refuse to look at evidence for evolution and against biblical inerrantism. Do the creationists truly refuse to look? But they have to look if they want to debate evolutionists. They need to know something.

Do they look, realise creationism is factually wrong, but pretend not to notice, perhaps out of fear of roasting alive? They behave much like young children, completely unconvinced by any demonstration there cannot be a monster under the bed. The fear is just too strong.

Do they just mathematically postulate creationism is correct despite the evidence the way the AnswersInGenesis people do?

Do they have brain damage? I often wonder how they perform the feat of believing something 100% contrary to the evidence. I would find the strain unbearable, not to mention the embarrassment.

Perhaps they have some conspiracy belief they used to discount all scientific evidence. All science is just a lie of the devil. If that is so, we must get the middle men out the way and let them find and look at fossils, date fossils, watch bugs in the lab etc. for themselves.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)